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Alyza Liu | 无名氏 @muguiyings · 1d

S. Qiouyi Lu 🌱 陸秋逸 🌸✨ your epicene boyfriend @sqiouyilu

@junescribbles @muguiyings haha it’s in the fitting in anthology, I have links on my site that I’m too lazy to get rn

Replying to @sqiouyilu

wait omg i think you guys will enjoy this
there’s this channel on douyin called 子昊SEVEN who does these really cute slice of life vampire/jiangshi bff shorts (which totally on my #mswl because it’s a d o r a b l e)

Alyza Liu | 无名氏 @muguiyings · 2d

have i ever told yall about miller?
her aesthetic is 1/2 of the lightly angsty mutual pining lesbian coming-of-age YA romance i want to read
( #mswl )

Alyza Liu | 无名氏 @muguiyings · 5d

things i’m missing in my life rn: fluffy cute slice of life ft. queer girls of colour (i’m manifesting this into the aether) #mswl

Alyza Liu | 无名氏 @muguiyings · 6d

there’s a chinese character archetype that roughly translates to “warm boy” that’s high on my #mswl — boys who are sweet, fresh, sunny, gentle, emotionally astute & considerate

no more 霸道总裁 please 🙏

Amanda Isabel Ramirez @AmandaIsA_Ram · Apr 4


Take a look at my #MSWL, send me #YA & #MG pitches, and also maybe call me / hang out with me 😎🤓

Jenny Chen @jennychen_jc · Apr 4

I just saw a book review that used the words "newspaper reporter procedural" and thank goodness someone finally put it in terms! That IS a genre, and I want all of them! #MSWL more investigative journalist/reporter procedurals!

Amanda Isabel Ramirez @AmandaIsA_Ram · Apr 3

In the vein of a conversation I eavesdropped and then subsequently inserted myself into (@thejumbles & @Alex_Borbolla), if someone has a #PB involving mountain goats being mountain goats (illus. or photo)... can I have it? #MSWL

Julia McCarthy @thejumbles · Apr 3

Dear world, please give unto me a YA novel with a @LeonoraCarring1 vibe #MSWL

Amanda Isabel Ramirez @AmandaIsA_Ram · Apr 2

I'm not usually the person who asks for the next [BLANK] bc I am inherently against the idea, but what I would give for a #MG series as clever and atmospheric as A Series of Unfortunate Events. #MSWL

Julia McCarthy @thejumbles · Mar 30

Friendly reminder that picture books, MG, or YA novels about Brasilian culture or protagonists are at the top of my #MSWL ! Very hype to hear that @fsgbooks is publishing O sol na Cabeça by Geovani Martins!

Amanda Isabel Ramirez @AmandaIsA_Ram · Mar 27

Stories of redemption are what I live for. I need to elaborate and add this to my #MSWL, but

Keep that in your noggin.

Jenny Chen @jennychen_jc · Mar 19

This is a PSA! Wind River is now on @netflix. You have no excuse not to go watch it. Right. Now. Also, total #MSWL. I want a crime narrative shedding light on #MMIW.…