By Editorial Assistants

Erica Bauman @Erica_Bauman · 2d

Rewatching Penelope. Would love to find something as magical, quirky, and charming. #MSWL

Norma on Ice ✨⛸ @normajeanesays · 5d

.@TessaThompson_x & Lily James pair for modern Western 'Little Woods'

Can't wait to watch this--also, #MSWL pretty please!

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · 1w

I would love a #MG or #YA about a protag obsessed with physics, esp since I know so little of the subject. #MSWL

Norma on Ice ✨⛸ @normajeanesays · 1w

Was just daydreaming about if Riz Ahmed was cast as the male romantic lead in a regency drama Then my pen slipped.

#MSWL 🚨#MSWL 🚨 #MSWL #WeNeedDiverseRomance @WOCInRomance , amirite?

ellen @ellencormier · 1w

Marm’s Grand Street School became the most successful training center for aspiring crooks in the city. Anyone want dibs on this MG novel?

GIMME #mswl

ellen @ellencormier · Dec 16

Somehow it only just now occurred to me that I would really, really like a MG mystery with Dirk Gently vibes #mswl

Antonica Jones 🌈 @AntonicaJones · Dec 6

Daily Q: What are some things you'd love to see more of in #TransLit ? Feel free to use the hashtag in your reply!

Love the answers to this Q. #TransLit with HEAs, where transness is 'present but not in focus', where cis is not th…

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Dec 1

@liz_adventures @kristinostby I think actual cat acquisition is the final irrevocable step. I'm so proud. *wipes away tear*

@navahw @kristinostby should I do an #MSWL for adorable but evil cat picture book? Oh I think I just did!

ellen @ellencormier · Nov 4

A YA about slipping into (or back into) disordered eating behaviors w/o realizing what's happening, because it's not a full-blown ED. #mswl

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Oct 25

I went to Catholic school until 8th grade & we had really great sex ed. I'd love a MG like this #MSWL bc religious schools can be liberal!

Megan Boo-derick 👻 @megbrod12 · Oct 20

#MSWL Anyone gearing up for #NaNoWriMo , I would LOVE to see some great mob-themed romantic suspense for HRS (70,000 words)

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Oct 5

Adjusting to life in America leaves 12 yr old Graciela longing for her Mexican roots, but tragedy helps her embrace her present. #dvpit #MG

This #DVpit is totally something I'd #MSWL !!

E(Liz)abeth Kossnar @liz_adventures · Oct 5

#MSWL Did u know PR women were sterilized in NYC in the '60s? I'd love a story of a #MG who realizes his/her family was almost halted by it.

Elizabeth May @LizMay05 · Oct 5

More exciting news! #MSWL #amwritingromance Kensington Unveils Two New Digital-First Imprints via @publisherswkly

ellen @ellencormier · Oct 3

Okay, so about 70 percent of the editors at this speed meeting event want magical realism. ME TOO. Where is it?? #MSWL

I am one of those editors! #mswl

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · Sep 27

Where are the white YA writers who want to write about learning & unlearning their own bigotry as white youth? Tell that story.

#MSWL tbh...

Mekisha Telfer✨ @MekishaTelfer · Sep 23

I think this is my new favorite thing. ❤️ (#MSWL #YA because I want a book that makes me feel the way this does)

Mekisha Telfer✨ @MekishaTelfer · Sep 16

Would love a fantasy where the heroine is cursed into an animal, not a shifter story but like Howl's Moving Castle meets Lady Hawke #mswl

Umm, Universe, this is also a thing I would like 😊 Please and thank you! #MSWL

Marisa DiNovis @dinovisms · Sep 13

Diverse family and/or friendship-centric contemporary YA (I know it's broad -- intrigue me w/ something besides romance to cheer for!) #mswl