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ellen @ellencormier · Apr 26

Wow, agent friends. I'm really tweeting you a lot, huh? But this is the cutest things I've ever heard of and I need it to be a smart, funny, pignant, nuanced YA novel so... #sorrynotsorry #mswl…

ellen @ellencormier · Apr 26

Good morning, agent friends! As you may have guessed from my #dvpit RTs, I want to see more queer novels in my inbox (MG or YA). I would especially love to work on a book that centers queer friendships #mswl

Alex Borbolla @Alex_Borbolla · Apr 25

I’ve been getting a lot of dark YA lately—which I love!—but I’m also interested in sweet, funny MG that may or may not make me cry #MSWL

ellen @ellencormier · Apr 24

Hello agent friends! I would really, really, love to see MG & YA novels from the perspective of trans and non-binary teens & tweens. Thank youuuuuu! #mswl

Jennie Conway @jcon713 · Apr 23

Still thinking about the #Westworld season premiere and wow would I love a YA book like that... #mswl

Hannah Allaman @hallaman13 · Apr 21

So I can't actually go see this movie (because I can't do body count horror), but I would love a TRUTH OR DARE style mg horror using a childhood game as a device. Soooo creepy/campy/fun. #mswl

Marisa DiNovis @dinovisms · Apr 17

Really pining for a YA graphic novel a la Everything Sucks, to fill the longtime Honor Girl-shaped hole in my heart. Ensemble cast but leaning Kate's POV—or surprise me! #mswl

Alex Borbolla @Alex_Borbolla · Apr 11

Family drama is the weirdest drama. Give me a middle grade with a family like the Belchers on Bob's Burgers and/or a YA with one like the Bluths on Arrested Development. #MSWL

Hannah Allaman @hallaman13 · Apr 8

#MSWL an unseen magical society in a contemporary setting and factional drama in the vein of AN UNKINDNESS OF MAGICIANS pleaseeee

Marisa DiNovis @dinovisms · Apr 4

Hannah Fergesen @HannahFergesen

@dinovisms MSWL?

Replying to @HannahFergesen

I was thinking clear manifestation of my severe perfectionist tendencies, but now I kind of want a YA UF about a badass girl with self-changing body art she uses to solve crimes in dreamscape sequences... #mswl

Alex Borbolla @Alex_Borbolla · Apr 2

Question for the room: Why aren't there more picture books starring highland cows, AKA hairy coos? #MSWL

Alex Borbolla @Alex_Borbolla · Apr 2

One my favorite books in high school was Catch-22, so you can pretty much throw any and all multiple perspectives and/or nonlinear timelines my way. #MSWL

Tahra Seplowin @calixofcoffee · Mar 27

I follow lots of body-positive Instagram accounts & self-made makeup/style experts who are not white, who have a disability, etc. Would love to see a WF title (or romance) with these sorts of elements. #mswl

Chloe Moffett @TheBookMechanic · Mar 22

Off-season #MSWL - psychological suspense about a surrogate that explores the loss of self with pregnancy, esp. with someone else's child, and how women's bodies are used as tools apart from themselves