By Assistant Editors

ellen @ellencormier · 11 May 2016

A MG novel about subway dancers that is funny, voicey & addresses the whole risk of head-kicking thing #mswl

Catherine Laudone @CatherineLaud · 2 May 2016

Would love to see a YA contemp. novel with a similar tone and/or mother-daughter relationship as Gilmore Girls #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · 29 Apr 2016

Agents: What manuscripts do you have that kids/teens might read to help them understand what's going on in this crazy world of ours? #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · 22 Apr 2016

Agents: Looking for MG/YA, fiction/NF, that would allow a kid to read some news & know a bit about it because of a book s/he has read. #MSWL

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 18 Apr 2016

I want books where the hero is Daveed Diggs in a Stetson. #MSWL

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · 15 Apr 2016

Agents: Would love to see books starring kids with parents who are gay, mixed race, mixed religion, or otherwise depicted enough. #MSWL

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 11 Apr 2016

Looking to pitch some awesome category romantic suspense? Twit-pitch me here, contact me @ #MSWL, or submit on @submittable w/ ATTN: my name

Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · 11 Apr 2016

Agents: I'd love to see commercial YA starring kickass girls who do things that girls don't "normally" do. #MSWL

Catherine Laudone @CatherineLaud · 9 Apr 2016

Would love to see Outlander/time traveler inspired YA novel. #mswl

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 5 Apr 2016

So happy to have my #MSWL up. Come pitch me category romance!…

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 31 Mar 2016

A romantic suspense miniseries featuring tech genius heroines of color! #MSWL

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 30 Mar 2016

Looking to pitch me some awesome category romance? Twit-pitch me here, contact me via #MSWL, or submit on @submittable w/ ATTN: my name.

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 29 Mar 2016

Wondering how to pitch me? Submit via @submittable and direct it to me; Twit-pitch me; contact me the #MSWL site.

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 29 Mar 2016

I'd love a heroine of color that's a tech billionaire exec; *she's* the CEO and he's the beta. But category romance-style! #MSWL

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 22 Mar 2016

Not an official #MSWL, but what about a book in which medieval marginalia come to life?! I NEED a goat-snail in my life!