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Assistant Agent at the Sheldon Fogelman Agency (my views ≠ theirs). Alum of Bryn Mawr and Simmons CHL. Lover of kidlit, Muppets, comics, camp, reality TV & crit

New York, NY

Sheldon Fogelman Agency

Amy Stern @yasubscription · Jul 27

The WB revivals make me want a story that's Dawson's Creek except about Jen, who recovered from being abused and slut-shamed and cast out of her family to 'lose' a love triangle and then discover her strongest relationships could be with her grandmother and some gay friends #MSWL

Amy Stern @yasubscription · May 16

I've found some great young adult novels with asexual protagonists, but none with aromantic ones. What titles am I missing? (Alternately: #MSWL!)

Amy Stern @yasubscription · May 7

Also: where's my sci fi featuring characters who know about literature or history or art rather than science and math and warfare? Tech is important, but I refuse to believe in a future where everything is reduced to just that. #MSWL

Amy Stern @yasubscription · Apr 15

Katherine Locke @Bibliogato

I shared my speech from this morning (minus the part of The Girl with the Red Balloon that I read) on Medium. "Thinking about Jewish Children's Literature in a Time of Rising Antisemitism"…

This is both a great and important read, and an absolute #mswl for me. I can't read holocaust books- they make me physically sick when they're done well- but I want so many more Jewish stories, for my 10 year old self and my 16 year old self and for me now too.

Amy Stern @yasubscription · 8 Jun 2017

#MSWL Periodic reminder that I would really love a YA novel with an aro/ace protagonist, especially an #ownvoices one.

Amy Stern @yasubscription · 4 Aug 2016

After months of sitting in drafts, my #MSWL post is live! If you're interested in my interests, check out…