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Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 26 Sep 2017

Hate Comic Sans? You don't know anything about typography: (BUT. Please don't query with it. Still.) #querytip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 22 Sep 2017

Bringing this up from the archives--the 2 most common reasons I pass on queries! #AskAgent #pubtip #querytip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 15 Jan 2016

When queries don't even have my name on them: "You don't care enough? Then I don't care." Do it right, or you're wasting time! #querytip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 7 Jan 2016

A fabulous, comprehensive guide from @JaneFriedman on how nonfiction authors should query: #querytip #pubtip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 4 Dec 2015

Great advice from @MsMariaVicente on when to start sending out query letters: #amwriting #pubtip #querytip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 29 Jul 2015

Unpacking the most common reasons that I pass on new book projects and authors: #amwriting #pubtip #querytip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 21 May 2015

Want to impress an agent? If we ask for materials to share with a team, go all out. Show us you care, and we'll care too. #querytip #pubtip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 26 Mar 2015

Just opened a query where the first line was written entirely in caps. Shudder. Nobody likes to be shouted at! #querytip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 11 Feb 2015

If you're not getting results with querying, try these resources: #amwriting #querytip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 10 Feb 2015

2 types of flawed thinking that are getting in the way of landing a book deal: #amwriting #pubtip #querytip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 3 Feb 2015

I'm officially caught up w/ queries though 2/1/15! Here are some resources for implementing query feedback: #querytip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 2 Feb 2015

I just won't ever understand why some authors respond to rejections aggressively/argumentatively. Don't do this. Ever. #pubtip #querytip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 2 Feb 2015

So many great concepts in the query pile today, but the platform just isn't there yet. #patience #querytip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 2 Feb 2015

Current query: great concept and solid platform, but not a huge platform. Leaning toward a pass--lifestyle NF is so competitive. #querytip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 29 Oct 2014

Guys, don't forget about guidelines! It's hard for agents to assess your book when we don't have all the pieces we need. #pubtip #querytip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 24 Sep 2014

Confession: If you seem truly and honestly crazy, I don't even bother with a polite form rejection. So, don't be crazy! #querytip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 8 Sep 2014

I'm all caught up on submissions! Here's the one thing I wish I could tell more writers as they query:… #querytip

Maria Ribas @maria_ribas · 25 Aug 2014

Spending the afternoon digging out the "to pass" section of my query folders. 60% of passes are bc the platform isn't there yet! #querytip

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