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Scoundrel. Blaggard. Keeper of the NecronomiKindle. Literary Agent with @JanklowNesbit . Not Paul Rudd.

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Brooks Sherman @byobrooks · 2d

Brooks Sherman @byobrooks

This trailer for The Bray Road Beast documentary feels right for my werewolf #mswl (but fiction only, please):…

For more examples of silver bullets that hit my werewolf #mswl heart, see: stories along the lines of Beast of Gévaudan, The Wolfman, An American Werewolf in London... or even perhaps something incorporating elements of, say, the Donner Party. 🐺

Brooks Sherman @byobrooks · 2d

This trailer for The Bray Road Beast documentary feels right for my werewolf #mswl (but fiction only, please):…

Brooks Sherman @byobrooks · Aug 9

io9 @io9

The first trailer for Simon Pegg's Slaughterhouse Rulez promises a bloody proper fight.

Trailer for a new Simon Pegg movie? My day is already 1000% improved.

*cough, cough* Also, writers: This is what I'm talking about for my YA horror #mswl...

Brooks Sherman @byobrooks · Jul 10

Karen M. McManus @writerkmc

Would you guys read Sixteen Candles, with murder? Just wondering 🤔

Now I'm fantasizing about a YA novel that is Sixteen Candles crossed with Scream. If Karen doesn't write this first... #mswl

Brooks Sherman @byobrooks · Jun 25

But remember, guys: I want vampires that are SCARY. Think old school, terrifying, atmospheric... the walking personification of plague and death. (I’m cheerful like that!) 🤗 #mswl

Brooks Sherman @byobrooks · Jun 25

Also, in the MG space, I’d love a vampire project that feels reminscent of the movie Monster Squad, or of Angela Sommer-Bodenburg’s My Friend the Vampire series! #mswl

Brooks Sherman @byobrooks · Jun 25

Hi all, after walking around NOLA with @runwithskizzers and refreshing my memory about the infamous Casket Girls (look them up!), I’m officially putting it out there that I would love love LOVE a YA novel that is a vampire version of The Craft. #mswl 😱💀🌙

Brooks Sherman @byobrooks · Jun 20

Brooks Sherman @byobrooks

Oh please be good, oh please be good, oh please be good...…

True story: When I became a literary agent, I decided one of my top professional goals was to find the next Roald Dahl (but you know, less racist and awful), and to help this generation's THE WITCHES get published. Still a goal. And I'm still looking. #MSWL