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V for Vendetta @VeroniKaboom · 3d

If anyone has written a book boyfriend of legal age who gives me feels similar to this video, I would like to read that please and thank you. #MSWL #A #R youtube.com/watch?v=R03cqG…

V for Vendetta @VeroniKaboom · Nov 24

Another trope I adore from indie rom-coms, weird sci-fi, and obscure non-US TV dramas is the uptight, emotionally/physically repressed person who falls for and pines over the free spirit, without judging, while FS teases mercilessly. Ex: Ins. Jack Robinson & Phryne Fisher. #MSWL

V for Vendetta @VeroniKaboom · Nov 11

PSA; In order to make time for my current TBR pile, I will be closing to queries for the remainder of 2018. Just FYI, you can still ABSOLUTELY send me your materials from #MSWL, #DvPit and other recent pitch posts I ❤️ed, or conferences. Happy Holidays, everyone!

V for Vendetta @VeroniKaboom · Jul 30

Holy shit, I just realized I need a 9 to 5 reboot in a modern office with like Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, and Ali Wong. #MSWL

V for Vendetta @VeroniKaboom · Jul 25

I would LOVE a Mata Hari inspired historical romantic suspense. Just saying. #MSWL

V for Vendetta @VeroniKaboom · Jul 10

I want a royal love triangle that is basically just the origin story of Clarice and Joe from The Princess Diaries. #MSWL

V for Vendetta @VeroniKaboom · Jul 6

I want a whole show that's just Mac from Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries dunking on 1930s male doctors and seducing cute nurses. WHERE IS IT. #MSWL #TVWL

V for Vendetta @VeroniKaboom · Jun 5

Hey, it's Tuesday. That means I'm still looking for a contemporary romance with a lovable contract killer hero/heroine. #MSWL