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Literary Agent at C&S. Board game enthusiast and Magneto apologist. Obsessed with the obscure. She/her.

New York, NY

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jennifer grimREAPERaldi @JA_Grimaldi · 6d

DYING (ha) for more YA horror in my inbox, especially speculative/family-centric/this-monster-is-a-metaphor in the vein of THE BABADOOK or HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE #mswl

jennifer grimREAPERaldi @JA_Grimaldi · Sep 14

Emily Brand @EJBrand

Well if I was an 18th-century sailor hell-bent on revenge & had to give a pseudonym I'm pretty sure this is the kind of thing I'd come up with too

This is so enormously extra, I love it. #mswl for this exact scenario, but also a general call for INTENSE REVENGE and protagonists/villans who unironically use the word 'nemesis'

jennifer grimREAPERaldi @JA_Grimaldi · Sep 12

Gothic supernatural horror with the tragic beauty of CRIMSON PEAK & the romanticism of JANE EYRE. Bonus points for tragic staring off into the bogs #mswl

jennifer grimREAPERaldi @JA_Grimaldi · Sep 12

All my favorite books as a kid/teen/adult/right now had dragons on the cover. If you have the next toothless/temeraire/etc HMU #mswl

jennifer grimREAPERaldi @JA_Grimaldi · Sep 12

Some hyper specific stuff I am looking for, to get us started: heists (HEISTS), turn of the twentieth century America, cities & architecture, anecdotal histories, spies, spies with knives, irresistible spies with knives #mswl