Jessica Sinsheimer @jsinsheim · 6h

Okay, so about 70 percent of the editors at this speed meeting event want magical realism. ME TOO. Where is it?? #MSWL

Melissa Faulner @la_melisma · 7h

Twitter, how is there not a novel abt a world in which time travel is a thing, and stuff is getting constantly effed up by it? #MSWL

Laura Zats @LZats · 11h

Logo programming idea no. 17: HGTV style home renovation show about building/designing sex dungeons.

this could be a GREAT set up for a romance/erotica book. #MSWL !

Brent Taylor @NaughtyBrent · 12h

This as an MG novel is my #MSWL . THE PRINCE OF FASHION is a splendid manusript title!

dongwon @dongwon · 15h

@dongwon It is one of my favourite things, that story.

@BBolander #mswl for, like, ever.

Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller · 15h

I'm on the hunt for unique retellings. The Odyssey, Edgar Allen Poe, Faust, Shakespeare? Contemporary, SFF, Horror? I want it all! #MSWL

Selena James @SelenaJ · 15h

#MSWL Romance (contemporary, historical, inspirational), urban/street lit, women's fiction. Email my assistant

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 17h

"Eerie mystery for YA. Unusual structure or elements. Think NIGHT FILM for a younger market." @MsMariaVicente #MSWL

Lisa Rodgers @_LisaRodgers · 1d

Outdoor Research has some gem in their photo shoot!

Here are some photos I loved. Also, would love some m/m (or f/f or f/m or menage) contemporary romance with outdoor…

Sarah LaPolla @sarahlapolla · 1d

Note: I'm looking for published MG recommendations in that last tweet, but "MG My So-Called Life" is very much on my #MSWL !

Tiffany Liao @Tiff_Liao · 1d

Artificial left arm from late 19th century Europe. Elbow, wrist, and fingers all rotate and bend. From Science of…


MCBW @MackenzieCBrady · 1d

#MSWL : science, true crime, sociology, narrative history, everything feminist, health & wellness, and tear-inducing contemporary YA.

Antonica Jones @AntonicaJones · 1d

Where are the white YA writers who want to write about learning & unlearning their own bigotry as white youth? Tell that story.

#MSWL tbh...

Linda Camacho @LindaRandom · 1d

I'd love an adult romance along the lines of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! #MSWL

Linda Camacho @LindaRandom · 1d

Contemporary adult romance set in a bakery, fire department, brewery, or somewhere interesting. #MSWL

Jennifer Azantian @jenazantian · 1d #MSWL !!! You can send me a YA story like this any time writers. Any time.

Danielle Bukowski @dani_bukie · 1d

I would love to see more psychological thrillers with diverse characters in my inbox! #MSWL #WeNeedDiverseBooks #querytip

Tina Wexler @Tina_Wexler · 1d

If your worldview is trump's worldview is your manuscript's worldview, your manuscript is NOT on my #MSWL