Kat Enright @katenright · 16 May 2018

Great news! I'm now officially up on the #MSWL website. Feel free to check out my bio, and if your project matches my interests, I'd love to see your query in my inbox.…

Jessica Alvarez @AgentJessicaA · 4 May 2018

I want a banh mi for lunch but only have a sad frozen burrito. So, inspired by my lunch craving, a Vietnamese cookbook is on my #MSWL.

Jessica Alvarez @AgentJessicaA · 5 Jan 2018

Why, oh why, don’t I have more culinary books? Women’s fiction, romance, mystery, nonfiction, whatever. Send them to me to tide me over as I wait for more Top Chef. #MSWL

Leah Zarra @LZarra_edits · 12 Jul 2017

Planning ahead and I would loooove a #harvestcookbook for next Fall! Send me your ideas and proposals! #harvest #cookbooksneeded #MSWL

beth phelan @beth_phelan · 9 Feb 2017

Didn't have a chance to post any #MSWL yesterday but maybe later today I will. Meantime, there's some right here:

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · 9 Nov 2016

#MSWL A romance heroine modeled after bestselling cookbook author and baker Lorraine Pascale. @lorrainepascale

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 26 Oct 2016

"Lifestyle Non-Fiction: health, wellness, relationships, parenting, cookbooks " @carlywatters #MSWL

The Winey Editor @alicia_clancy · 13 Sep 2016

cookbooks or lifestyle guides for millennials. #mswl

P.S. Literary Agency @PSLiterary · 8 Sep 2016

"Vegan cookbook proposal... with a twist. (You can decide what that twist is.)" @MsMariaVicente #MSWL