By Editors

Annie Nybo @AnnieNybo · 25 Jan 2016

I would love a witty, intelligent middle grade like Jasper Fforde's The Last Dragonslayer. #MSWL

Jennifer Ung @JenPanda · 24 Jan 2016

rereading the joy luck club and am reminded of how badly i want to see these themes of culture and identity explored in YA #mswl

Rachel Stark ✊🏻 @syntactics · 23 Jan 2016

#mswl A YA friendship breakup story with all the emotional heft of a romantic relationship's end

Liz Kossnar @liz_adventures · 22 Jan 2016

#MSWL a #YA that makes me feel kind of bad for laughing my butt off--a book that I mentally don't want to think is funny, but can't help it.

Heather Rubert @HeatherRube · 21 Jan 2016

The next #Marvel movie is too far away. Got any #superhero books? #mswl

Madeleine Colavita @m_colavita · 20 Jan 2016

Also on my 2016 #MSWL: cowboys/westerns; strong heroines who know who they are; and Jane the Virgin in (romance) novel form.

Katie McGuire @katiemickgee · 19 Jan 2016

Peggy Carter, but not in a way that we'll get sued for copyright infringement. #mswl

Erica Finkel @ericafinkel · 19 Jan 2016

Words that DON'T catch my eye in submissions: horror, murder, thriller, pets, popularity. Not sure what that says about me... #mswl

Cheryl B. Klein @chavelaque · 16 Jan 2016

1) I want to publish a YA with the astounding, hopeless, human, desperately romantic feeling as "Heroes." #MSWL…

Erica Finkel @ericafinkel · 15 Jan 2016

Words that catch my eye in submission pitches: road trip, seaside town, tarot, circus, summer. Just a l'il somethin' 'bout me! #mswl

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · 15 Jan 2016

I'd love to find a timeless, whimsical, gorgeously-written MG fantasy in the vein of GIRL WHO CIRCUMNAVIGATED FAIRYLAND #MSWL

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · 13 Jan 2016

#MSWL I love marriage of convenience romances, and engagements of convenience and faking relationship stories.

Tera Cuskaden - Editor @TeraCus · 11 Jan 2016

OK, authors, give me some blue collar heroes. Mechanics, construction, etc. & booze. Give me brewer & distiller heroes and heroines! #mswl

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · 8 Jan 2016

#MSWL commercial, fast-paced, action-heavy YA and MG novels . . . but I want VOICE and rich characters too! Call me greedy.

TJ da Roza @TJdaRozaEditor · 7 Jan 2016

Why can't I find a book series that matches doctor who in wit and scope? #MSWL

Erica Finkel @ericafinkel · 7 Jan 2016

Starting to get the hang of this being back at work thing. Crossing fingers 2016 will bring me amazing YA contemporary and fantasy #MSWL