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Lydia Dawn Sharp @lydia_sharp · 5 Mar 2018

Lydia Sharp @lydia_sharp

This does not apply to submissions I'm already considering before today

my February #mswl went up on the Entangled blog in March instead of February but I am currently closed to submissions - whoopsies
if you have something that fits my wish list posted in the below link and you submit during March, I will consider it…

Lydia Dawn Sharp @lydia_sharp · 16 Feb 2018

here is my current #mswl:
YA romance - all genres
single title romance - all genres (see yesterday's tweets for what "single title" means)
category/series romance - contemp or historical
womens fiction with romance
NA romance - contemp or sci-fi
LGBTQ romance in any of the above

Lydia Dawn Sharp @lydia_sharp · 12 Jan 2018

a basic #mswl tweet for new followers & a refresher for the rest of you
*mainly* I am seeking...
YA fantasy, any sub-genre
YA sci-fi, any sub-genre
YA contemp, anything from fluffy rom-com to dark thrillers
all must have a strong romantic element & a high concept hook

Lydia Dawn Sharp @lydia_sharp · 21 Jun 2017

a reminder, I still want this: a new twist on a YA Sherlock, any genre
must also have romance

Lydia Dawn Sharp @lydia_sharp · 17 Jun 2017

for my general #mswl and how to submit to me:…
I usually tweet my more specific wishes. Also, watch the EP blog.

Lydia Dawn Sharp @lydia_sharp · 17 Jun 2017

also still seeking a romance with characters who are ballet dancers in YA or NA, doesn't have to be contemporary but contemp is ok #mswl

Lydia Dawn Sharp @lydia_sharp · 17 Jun 2017

I've seen some good YA dragon mss lately but they've all been "close but not quite" - still looking for that perfect one! #mswl 🔥🐉📚