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Katie McGuire @katiemickgee · 6 Nov 2019

I know spooky season is technically over, but it never ends in my heart (and also I'm supposed to be acquiring for fall 2020...)โ€”send me horror movie nonfic! Histories, biographies, whatever you've got. (Agented only, sorry!) #MSWL

Katie McGuire @katiemickgee · 24 Sep 2018

Satirization of 90s teen dramas. Think "Moody's Point," but literary. (Or with murder, maybe? idk, whatever you think is best.) #MSWL

Katie McGuire @katiemickgee · 19 Mar 2018

Ooh also: Patty Hearst. Or just true crime, in general. Or something about how genuinely frightening the 70s were. #MSWL

Katie McGuire @katiemickgee · 19 Mar 2018

Nonfiction, please! Especially about horror movies, the 90s, and/or the most gossip-y royal stories to ever be dredged up. #MSWL

Katie McGuire @katiemickgee · 6 Nov 2017

Espionage nonfiction, preferably focusing on the stories we usually don't hear. (Think Moneypenny, rather than Bond!) #MSWL

Katie McGuire @katiemickgee · 20 Jan 2017

This year, I want books by women and people of color. Because we need your voices amplified and we need your art in the world. #mswl

Katie McGuire @katiemickgee · 19 Jan 2016

Peggy Carter, but not in a way that we'll get sued for copyright infringement. #mswl