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ellen @ellencormier · Feb 7

Autostraddle @autostraddle

Natasha Lyonne’s #RussianDoll is the darkest, funniest, most comforting show of 2019 so far. bit.ly/2RMqNi7 pic.twitter.com/w7z05HLpC3

YES! THIS! Also, I really want to work on some speculative fiction that's as sharp, funny, and layered as #RussianDoll. Something that uses the speculative element to say something, not just as a cool hook #mswl

ellen @ellencormier · 26 Apr 2018

Wow, agent friends. I'm really tweeting you a lot, huh? But this is the cutest things I've ever heard of and I need it to be a smart, funny, pignant, nuanced YA novel so... #sorrynotsorry #mswl


ellen @ellencormier · 26 Apr 2018

Good morning, agent friends! As you may have guessed from my #dvpit RTs, I want to see more queer novels in my inbox (MG or YA). I would especially love to work on a book that centers queer friendships #mswl

ellen @ellencormier · 24 Apr 2018

Hello agent friends! I would really, really, love to see MG & YA novels from the perspective of trans and non-binary teens & tweens. Thank youuuuuu! #mswl

ellen @ellencormier · 11 Feb 2018

Agent friends, are any of your clients writing middle grade novels about outcast tweens trying to start a hobby-horseing team? Because I would read the hell out of that. #mswl youtube.com/watch?v=PAY-Zs…

ellen @ellencormier · 16 Oct 2017

Rookie @RookieMag

Halloween, imaginary friends, & sleepovers: Photos of a spooky party. bit.ly/2xIO1Mf pic.twitter.com/ZJey1uQOeT

I know I'm always like "don't send me horror!" but i'm kind of obsessed with this photo set & would read the hell out of this MG novel #MSWL

ellen @ellencormier · 27 Sep 2017

Unapologetically enthusiastic main characters. Give me protagonists with zero chill when it comes to what they love. #MSWL