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Wendi Lulu Gu @WendiLuluGu · 18 Oct 2019

It's #SPOOKYSZN so here is an #mswl! I would really love to see a literary paranormal YA novel. Right now the only specters waking me up at night in a cold sweat are the emails I forgot to answer the day prior.

Wendi Lulu Gu @WendiLuluGu · 25 Oct 2018

Yellooooo dual perspective submissions! Get at me!!!! I like you. #mswl

Wendi Lulu Gu @WendiLuluGu · 12 Sep 2018

It's #MSWL day! Send me your voice & character driven stories about the immigrant experience, nonfiction projects with a super cool hook, super duper deadpan or dark humor, international mythology, mental health. Books that make the world a lil nicer. #MG #YA #PB

Wendi Lulu Gu @WendiLuluGu · 14 Mar 2017

#MSWL anything therapy dog. Also, every dog is a therapy dog.

Wendi Lulu Gu @WendiLuluGu · 19 Oct 2016

Dearest authors & illustrators! My #MSWL post is up! Check it check it! Send me your books! manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/wend…

Wendi Lulu Gu @WendiLuluGu · 11 Feb 2016

Dear writers: do you have an #MG or #YA that reallllly brings me back to my socially awkward days? #MSWL

Wendi Lulu Gu @WendiLuluGu · 11 Feb 2016

Hey guys! Does anyone have a #MG or #YA featuring synesthesia? Open to interpretation! #MSWL

Wendi Lulu Gu @WendiLuluGu · 11 Feb 2016

Would love to know if anyone has a #YA or #MG with a great exit strategy. #MSWL

Wendi Lulu Gu @WendiLuluGu · 11 Feb 2016

Do any of you writers have an #MG girl voice that will make me laugh out loud (lol) in real life (irl)? xD #MSWL

Wendi Lulu Gu @WendiLuluGu · 11 Feb 2016

Hey writers! Looking for #YA or #MG featuring the immigrant experience! #MSWL

Wendi Lulu Gu @WendiLuluGu · 11 Feb 2016

Lovely writers! Would love to read a #YA or #MG #CON that breaks down an academic subject #MSWL