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Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 14 May 2018

Give me an antihero who is a thinly veiled Garcia Flynn knockoff. #MSWL #Romance

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 14 May 2018

Seriously. I am open to edgy romance, but I have some requests. Give me an antihero who is TRULY an anti-hero. Like not just kind of grouchy or that old "misogynist with a heart" B.S. Like OK, he murders people, but he respects women and is polite AF. Give me "Mr. Right." #MSWL

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 14 May 2018

This is my current guiltiest pleasure #SFF show (because the science is SO soft) but just FYI, if you're a romance writer and you are shipping Lucy/Wyatt, don't bother querying me because girl, we aren't on the same wavelength. #InLikeFlynn #timeless #MSWL #AntiHeroes

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 18 Apr 2018

I know it’s probably wrong, but I am SO here for Lucy/Flynn you guys. This is the kind of “Gentlemanly Evil” Redemptive Romance Arc I’m into. (See also: Loki/Sif fanfic) #mswl #Timeless #Romance

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 10 Apr 2018

Today in LEWKS.... #MSWL #Romance #Historical (P.S. Big fan of stories that show popular time periods from a different social angle.)

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 27 Mar 2018

A League of Their Own (1992) will always be one of my faves. The way female relationships are portrayed still holds up. The way Dottie and Kit fight for each other (and with each other), how they dropped their bags rather than walk away without Marla, Mae/Doris... ❤️ #MSWL #HWF

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 22 Mar 2018

Ratting out my colleagues is my favorite kind of #QueryTipoff. For example, @YAFantasyFan is pretty hardcore, but would probably also really go for a cheesy, Grease-style romance set in space. #MSWL #TeamCorvisiero

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 12 Mar 2018

All joking aside, I never actually wanted to make out with a person's voice until I heard Brendon Urie sing for the first time. Would love an #ownvoices retelling of Cyrano de Bergerac with three cute boys and a high school musical. #MSWL #LGBT

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 7 Mar 2018

I want a modern Mystic Pizza, actually, but about a bunch of girls who work together at a small town comic book or video game store. At least one should be LGBTQIA. #DvPit #MSWL

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 6 Mar 2018

Caroline Bingley was totally gay and so was Charlotte Lucas. In their mid-thirties they left their lame husbands and ran away to the West Indies together. Don't @ me (unless it's to say you have a #romance manuscript supporting this theory.) #MSWL

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 6 Mar 2018

#MSWL literally any sports movie with a female MC, but she ends up with a female teammate or rival instead of whatever dude is around. #YA Bend it Like Beckham, Whip It, Cutting Edge, Mighty Ducks, Stick It, etc. #DvPit #ownvoices

Agent V Underwater @VeroniKaboom · 27 Feb 2018

This thread is dedicated to All the Ships That Didn't Float. #Romance #MSWL (Obviously, these are my opinions, but feel free to add your own!) In no particular order....

Pretty Pirate Offspring with Dubious "Enemies to Lovers" (Acquaintances to Lovers?) Chemistry