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Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 27 Sep 2017

Agent V @VeroniKaboom

I would LOVE like a Queen of the Damned meets Bladerunner, for example. #MSWL #adult #SF #romance

Replying to @VeroniKaboom

Also, not to sound like a broken record, but I AM WALKING, BREATHING SCARLET/VISION TRASH, so please keep that in mind. #mswl #romance #SF

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 27 Sep 2017

In an attempt to avoid the news, I'm going to do a quick and rapid-fire #MSWL review. I'm ACTIVELY looking for ROMANCE. #hist #fant #adult

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 27 Sep 2017

Still. Waiting. For. My. Android. Human. Romance. #mswl #wednesdaywants

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 25 Sep 2017

As an extension of my "world without men" #MSWL, I want to see a bunch of drunk sorority girls banding together to battle evil.

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 15 Sep 2017

#MSWL this story but for MG/YA. Illicit dealings which aren't technically illegal. YES.

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 14 Sep 2017

I want a romance that basically feels like sexy Dr. Quinn fanfic. That show was surprisingly progressive for its time. #MSWL #Romance #adult

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 12 Sep 2017

Lovecrafty YA horror but modern and sex positive and inclusive instead. #MSWL

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 12 Sep 2017

Psst: just FYI, I'm closed to unsolicited queries right now, but still open to requested projects, which includes #MSWL and #DvPit!

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 12 Sep 2017

I've been wanting F/F Roller Derby #romance (NOT erotica) for the longest time. Think Whip It meets But I'm a Cheerleader. #MSWL