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MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 21 Dec 2019

Brie Edison Author @BrieEdison

@TiatheTiger If you are putting a comparable in your query letter; how do you compare it? For example--do you say this is an FBI book like so and so--or do you compare the plot line? Thank you!

It’s up to you! The most common way to put comps in a query is to say “*book title* is *comp 1* meets *comp 2*”

But, you can be more specific if you’d like. So you can say what from each comp is most prevalent in your project!

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 21 Dec 2019

Dee Cee @DClheart

@TiatheTiger When querying- what is an author to do if they have no writing credentials?

For fiction, writing credentials can help but they’re not a requirement. Talk about what makes you qualified to write the book if you don’t have writing credits - an experience that inspired it, if it’s own voices, etc.

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 13 Sep 2019

Noreen @naziaso

@TiatheTiger Do we need to hire an editor to copy edit? #askagent

Replying to @naziaso

No you don’t! If you want to you can, but it’s not required. I definitely recommend having critique partners but you don’t have to pay for editing

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 13 Sep 2019

Allan Evans @EvansWriter

@TiatheTiger This is that scenario: my publisher is asking for a new name.

Replying to @EvansWriter

You can try to use a line from the book as a new title, or something related to your character name. The publisher should give you some guidance as to what they want the new title to be if they’re not happy with the original

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 13 Sep 2019

Allan Evans @EvansWriter

@TiatheTiger Book titles: what do you look for in the name?

Replying to @EvansWriter

Honestly? I’m not very concerned with titles. There’s always the possibility that they get changed during the course of publication. I think the title should fit the book but I won’t turn anything down on the title! (And no editor would, either)

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 21 Jun 2019

Jessica Russak-Hoffman @HoffmanJess

@TiatheTiger @mleewoeber Same question but for mentioning requests. I've seen some agency sites want mention of submission history including if it's on full request at all.

Replying to @HoffmanJess

I’d say same answer. Only include it if the agency asks for it.
But, with that kind of thing I think we’re usually asking for sub history re: publishers. If the project has ever been considered by a publisher, big or small, you should always include that info in your query!

MistleTia 🎄 (Closed to Queries) @TiatheTiger · 21 Jun 2019

therealMC @the_real_MCV

@TiatheTiger what things do you really love to see in a query, and what would make a query an automatic no?

What is your favorite trope to read?

What is something that makes a book or manuscript really stand out to you?

Replying to @the_real_MCV

I love queries that get right to the point of the actual story. I want a good hook that intrigues me as a reader!
Not much is an auto-no for me, unless it’s not something I rep. I usually auto delete queries sent to multiple agents at once, or ones with attachments.