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chrysa_keenon @Chrysa_Keenon · Jun 4

I'm not participating in PitMad today because of my insane workload, but I am ALWAYS hungry to see more queries from diverse writers, ESPECIALLY Black & Black LGBTQ+ writers. There's no deadline for finding your next favorite story. #amquerying #MSWL

chrysa_keenon @Chrysa_Keenon · Jan 8

I know everything in the #romance world is on fire, but I have a SEVERE lack of heart-throbbing subs in my inbox.💔If you have an MS with a pair of stubborn/quirky/funny characters who can't help but fall in love, I'm your gal! Can be m/f, m/m, or f/f. #amquerying #mswl

chrysa_keenon @Chrysa_Keenon · 2 Dec 2019

#WritingCommunity Where are my Joan of Arc retellings? WHERE. Is anyone writing one? Published one? Should I make an #mswl tweet for it? Please I just want to read one

chrysa_keenon @Chrysa_Keenon · 24 Sep 2019

🌟YA Pan's Labyrinth (or any fantasy with eerie underground catacombs)

And I think that wraps up my #MSWL! If you have a MS that fits what I listed, send it to ❤

chrysa_keenon @Chrysa_Keenon · 24 Sep 2019

Oh boy, it's #MSWL time! Things I'm always down to get in my inbox:
🌟 LGBTQ rom-coms (a la Red White and Royal Blue)
🌟Humerous YA Contemporary romance (Hot Dog Girl, Fangirl, give me awkward/nerdy MCs)
🌟Campy MG/YA that gives me that spoopy/heartfelt Gravity Falls vibe🌳 🌠

chrysa_keenon @Chrysa_Keenon · 25 Jun 2019

Hey, #MSWL! Is anyone #writing about a quirky/spooky summer camp? MG or YA, I'd just love to see a story in my inbox that captures my heart the same way Gravity Falls did ❤️🌲💫 #amquerying