Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · Apr 4

#MSWL for MG, I want mature voices. Upper MG storylines. LOVE historical fiction for younger characters, contemporary that makes me like who I'm reading about, urban fantasy/magical realism where the child is strong & proud.

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · Apr 4

#MSWL I like gritty, I like dark, and I like finding the kernel of light in complicated characters. Especially in Fantasy & Sci Fi. However, not a fan of rape, drug/physical/sexual abuse, or mystery/thriller plots.

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · Apr 4

#MSWL Love stories ala Gayle Forman or David Nicholls. All the feels, all the sobs, all the love. Love tropes like unrequited love, enemies/friends to lovers, or job passion romances, IF executed well.

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · Apr 4

#MSWL Urban Fantasy all ages, based off lesser-known legends and myths. Give me creatures that require research, that you don't see in every scary movie.

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · Apr 4

#MSWL futuristic YA, set in abandoned theme parks (where society has forgotten the truth of what these parks were). Aching for a creepy Disney without actually acknowledging the place that inspires the setting.

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · Apr 4

#MSWL Southern Gothic is high on my list. YA or A; historical fiction/fantasy, contemporary, urban fantasy, magical realism. Bonus points for local legend and bayou storylines.

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · Apr 4

#MSWL I am DYING for Historical Fiction & Historical Fantasy featuring POC, females in male-dominated industry, LGBTQ+. Also looking for settings other than the overplayed American/European countries

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · Mar 28

#MSWL Fullmetal Alchemist meets Six of Crows.

Please. Begging. I need this.

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · Jan 20

When you're just too damn tired to read so, instead, you turn to your #MSWL Pinterest 😍 pinterest.com/kaitlynjohnson…

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · Jan 16

Just cause I love Doctor Who for introducing me to her, I'm now craving a Madame de Pompadour historical fiction. #MSWL all the way !

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · Jan 1

It's 2018, and I reopen to queries TOMORROW! Curious to see what I'm looking for? Take a look at my Pinterest #MSWL. #amquerying #querytip pinterest.com/kaitlynjohnson…

Kaitlyn Johnson @kaitylynne13 · 11 Dec 2017

Got a lot of literary stuff on my mind lately. Be on the lookout for an #amediting #amquerying thread sometime today, plus a big ole #MSWL list ❤️📚