Ben Grange


Literary agent at the L. Perkins Agency. I'm a dad. I'm a writer. Rep'd by @fraserstephena . I make video games under @monstersandco . I used to Wizard Rock.

New York, NY

L. Perkins Agency

Ben Grange @BLGrange · 27 Nov 2017

Diverse (MG/YA) fantasy based on diverse mythology written by diverse authors. #MSWL

Ben Grange @BLGrange · 8 Nov 2017

So I wrote an article for #MSWL about what kind of books I'm looking for! You should check it out.…

Ben Grange @BLGrange · 11 Jul 2017

❤️The Girl Who Drank the Moon. ❤️Also, #MSWL.

Ben Grange @BLGrange · 3 Jun 2017

Send me all of your #mg and #ya graphic novels. #MSWL

Ben Grange @BLGrange · 18 Apr 2017

Stories that define my childhood: Harry Potter, Princess Mononoke, The Alchemist. I want to read childhood-defining stories. #mswl

Ben Grange @BLGrange · 30 Jan 2016

#MSWL something in the vein of The Story of Schmuel, Tailor of Klimovich, song from the Broadway musical The Last Five Years.