Chapter Books

Brent Taylor @btaylorbooks · 2w

The Animated Adventures of Buffy

Who's going to write me a chapter book series about vampire slaying? #MSWL

Sara Schonfeld @SaraSchon · 2w

@SaraSchon hi there. Did you have any ideas for #MSWL yesterday? Would love to know what you are currently acquiring.

@SaadiaFaruqi I'm looking for the wide rangeโ€”funny readers, strong nonfiction, exciting chapter books, and inventive middle grade! #MSWL

Kait Feldmann @kaitfeldmann · 2w

More specific: Got any hapa PBs? Doesn't have to be about that, just looking for rep. Pref #ownvoice . Will also consider ch. book/MG. #MSWL

Renee Hooker @reneehoo · 2w

Stories for transitional readers (those just diving into chapter books) that break the mold. #mswl

Renee Hooker @reneehoo · 2w

Chapter books featuring uplifting female friendships, or girls with attitude. Or both. #mswl

Gemma Cooper @gemma_cooper · 2w

Always looking for animal POV for MG and chapter books - funny or heartwarming or animals going on adventures #MSWL

Susan Hawk @susanhawk · 3w

@susanhawk anything particular you are seeking in chapter books?

@ShanahSalter My fav CBs have truly dynamic characters and are hysterical. All-time fav: DORY. Really want a diverse CB series. #MSWL

Susan Hawk @susanhawk · Dec 22

Holiday Wish Lists on the blog! Here's mine: Diverse voices and authors, in PB, chapter book, MG, YA. #MSWL

Pam HOWL ๐ŸŒ’๐ŸŒ“๐ŸŒ•๐Ÿบ @BookaliciousPam · Oct 18

I want picture/chapter book about a kid that uses a magic 8 ball to make all the decisons and how it backfires. #MSWL

Brent Taylor @btaylorbooks · Sep 13

My biggest #MSWL right now is author-illustrators of heavily illustrated picture books, chapter books, MG, & YA.

Erica Finkel @ericafinkel · Sep 13

YA fantasy like Graceling & Raven Boys, literary MG contemporary esp w/ girls, high-concept chapter book series, always diversity! #mswl

Brent Taylor @btaylorbooks · Sep 8

I'd love a goofy and sweet chapter book series, bonus points if author-illustrated. #MSWL

Hannah Campbell @thishannah · Aug 23

My #MSWL for chapter books or young MG: Solve-along mysteries, realistic stories with unique settings, swimming stories

Susan Hawk @susanhawk · Jun 30

HUMOR. If you're writing something funny - esp like wry, smart humor - I'd love to see it. PB, CB, MG, YA. #MSWL

Eve Adler @eve_adler · Jun 30

Fairies. Witches. Unicorns. Magical realism for the chapter book set. #MSWL