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Kay Farrell @k_a_farrell · May 30

Reminder: @sandstonepress submissions reopen this Friday! I'm hoping to see exciting speculative fiction and quirky #narrative #Nonfiction. Female protagonists especially welcome 😊 Guidelines here: #amwriting #publishing #mswl #amediting #WriterWednesday

Pantera Press @PanteraPress · May 20

A group of teenagers find access to special powers and have to save the world. The new Captain Planet. #MSWL

Stacy Whitman @stacylwhitman · May 15

Okay, so #mswl based on a friend's post about deBeers diamond cartel: Teens from African nations most affected by blood diamond trade, "wherein Our Heroes conspire to rob de Beers--not for the money, just to take down the cartel." Robin Hood meets Oceans Eleven for teens.

Pantera Press @PanteraPress · May 13

Love and passion in a heartwarming tale for foodies. The Hundred-Foot Journey meets Chocolat but with more sex. #MSWL

Pantera Press @PanteraPress · May 7

A sensitive and emotional YA romance with a male protagonist. Boys fall in love too! #MSWL

Pantera Press @PanteraPress · Apr 29

A sinister murder mystery set in a quaint but pretty village. A modern Agatha Christie. #MSWL

Pantera Press @PanteraPress · Apr 22

A story about the relationship between a human and a dog. Marley & Me meets Hachi. I'll have my Kleenex at the ready. #mswl

Pantera Press @PanteraPress · Apr 15

A realistic drama about sibling rivalries and dark family secrets. Think Bloodline meets We Were Liars. #MSWL

California Coldblood @CalifColdblood · Apr 12

#MSWL An epic fantasy that draws on a lesser-known body of historical resarch.

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