By Editors

Lisa Yoskowitz @LisaYoskowitz · Aug 7

I'm craving a manuscript in any category/genre that captures the joy, magic, comfort, empathy, and belonging of best friendship (agented submissions only, please, per company policy) #mswl

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Aug 6

Philip Boyes @PhilipJBoyes

Just a reminder: there's an Old Babylonian tablet that mentions a family of exorcists who live together in a house. Which is, I think you'll agree, one of the great sitcom ideas of the ancient world.


I’m imagining one of these exorcists getting caught up in some epic political struggle, and the others admonishing, “Don’t be such a drama queen! Our family sticks to lesser demons and dead commoners for a reason! Stop meddling with dead emperors!”

Nivia Evans @NiviaEvans · Aug 6

Secondary world fantasy in an urban setting. I love books like CITY OF STAIRS and THREE PARTS DEAD. #mswl

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Aug 2

steph @eaumohtz

celebrating Asia 🎆

Someone please write me an epic, thorny, political science fiction or fantasy novel with these protagonists, thanks. #MSWL forever!

Navah Jade Skywalker @navahw · Aug 1

N. K. Jemisin @nkjemisin

Every time I see another mediocre Europe-based fantasy, I think of how many brilliant non-European fantasies got rejected to make room for it.

PLEASE send me non-European fantasy!

Epic fantasy, dark fantasy, heroic fantasy, sparkly fantasy, some other fantasy subgenre I haven't named, all of them!

I'm hungry for it. I don't just want one, I'm not looking to fill one slot. I want a lot of them. #mswl

Grace Menary-Winefield @GracePlanetivy · Jul 30

Lovely agents! I am looking for relevant, beautiful non-fiction of all sorts (especially those projects for the Fall 2019 season). More details here:… #mswl

T.S. Ferguson @TeeEss · Jul 28

I'd love to find some sort of story about feuding families. More Hatfields & McCoys though, not so much Romeo & Juliet. #MSWL

Carrie Lofty @carrielofty · Jul 28

Here's the thing: I LOVE MUSIC. There are works in almost every genre that make me FEEL. Goosebumps. Crying. "Inspire me to create" levels of feels.

So what do editors want? This one wants manuscripts to move me as much as my favorite songs.

#mswl #amediting @CarinaPress

Chris Morgan @C_Morgs65 · Jul 27

A Knight's Tale, but Tilda Swinton instead of Heath Ledger #mswl

Mekisha Telfer✨ @MekishaTelfer · Jul 26

Ariana Grande still has a hold on my soul.

Here's a #ThursdayAesthetic for something I will *never* write but is now on my #MSWL: a #YA fantasy about a black messiah and her kickass disciples feeding the hungry, killing kings, and convincing the kingdom that God is a woman