By Editors

Kate Brauning @KateBrauning · 4h

I would love more NA romance. Send me a heroine who has a strong sense of self tackling the chance of a lifetime while falling in love #MSWL

Soulful Golem @MiriamAnneW · 2d

Really into this and how quick everyone is with fan art...

(pls add magic or something else Spec Fic-y and then send me that novel when written thx) #mswl

Karen Chaplin @CapChapReads · 3d

Looking for a Wes Anderson-esque YA. Bring on the quirkiness, weirdness, darkness, or any other type -ness a la Royal Tenenbaums. #mswl

Brit Hvide Busse @bhvide · 4d

Guys, you want to hear something badass? There were female samurais called Onna-Bugeisha, and they fought alongside…

#mswl fantasy version #ownvoices

Christopher Morgan @C_Morgs65 · 5d

You know what. Give me an alt-history about the rise of a personality in a world-spanning Terrorist Cult with lots of badass vehicles #MSWL

Kate Brauning @KateBrauning · 5d

Rival military, coast guard, police, fire, swift-water rescue, search & rescue, etc academies for an adult romance series. Ladies too #MSWL

I would still give half my soul for this. #MSWL Paramedics/EMTs, too

Kate Sullivan @katert0t · 5d

For my #MSWL : a fantasy or science fiction novel that includes some sort of plot analogue for how/why intersectional feminism is essential

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · 1w

I'd love to acquire more mysteries! Send me your clever sleuths, crime-fighting duos, cozy whodunits, police procedurals #MSWL

Emily Rodmell @EmilyRodmell · 1w

Always seeking inspirational romantic suspense (55k words) and inspy historical romance (70K words, Western, Americana or Amish). #MSWL

Emily Rodmell @EmilyRodmell · 1w

Dolphins & sea lions working for the Navy. There's got to be a great romantic supsense book w/ this background #mswl

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · 1w

Agents: I'd love to see an MG fantasy with the whimsy and brilliance of a book like JONATHAN STRANGE & MR. NORRELL #MSWL

Laura Apperson @LCatAp · 1w

This is one of the weirder things I've done, for sure.

This could be a good #YA . Interesting article. #MSWL

Stephanie Stein @stephlystein · 2w

Possibly unpopular opinion: Muslim kids need joy in their books along with discussions of Islamophobia so please keep a balance.

Yes! Always looking for more hopeful, joyful, celebratory representation. #MSWL

Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat · 2w

A stray #MSWL thought... As I kid, I loooved THE ELEVENTH HOUR. I'd be thrilled to edit a picture book that contains a puzzle to be solved.

Tera Cuskaden @TeraCus · 2w

Guys. I really need some more erotic romance submissions for @entangledpub in my life. Particularly menage w HEA for all 3. #mswl

Lydia Sharp 💫✨💫 @lydia_sharp · 2w

A Hospital of Sapphire and Thunderstorms

sounds like Shutter Island meets X-Men and yes please #MSWL