By Editors

T.S. Ferguson @TeeEss · 3d

Somebody posted this on a friend's FB page and now I want it written as a YA novel! #MSWL

T.S. Ferguson @TeeEss · 3d

Today seems a good day to re-emphasize that I'd love to acquire #OwnVoices trans stories across any of the genres I'm acquiring in. #MSWL

Marco Palmieri @mxpalmieri · 3d

Mission to TRAPPIST-1. Weird shit goes down. Hard SF. Blow my mind. Go. #MSWL

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 4d

Before dating a girl, meet her childhood best friend. If he is also an attractive guy, perhaps skip the love triangle by dating him instead.

#MSWL Romantic Foes to M/M or F/F Romance #YA #Adult #Romance

Constance Renfrow @MissConstance21 · 4d

Daydreaming about WEIRD GIRL AND WHAT'S HIS NAME from @threeroomspress . I'm interested in #reading some stellar #YA #submissions . #MSWL

Tera Cuskaden @TeraCus · 5d

I REALLY need someone to write me an erotic romance with "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran as the inspiration. That song is SO sexy, y'all. #mswl

Tiffany Liao @Tiff_Liao · 5d

Finally watched San Junipero episode of Black Mirror & consider this a most passionate, tear-stained YA #mswl

Brian Geffen @Brian_Geffen · 1w

Agents, I want to see coming-of-age YA fiction subs for existential, reflective, introspective teens. #MSWL

Lydia Sharp β„πŸ’™β„ @lydia_sharp · 1w

I spent the last #mswl day talking about just my YA wishes - but I want adult romance too! Contemporary any heat level & hot historical.

Lydia Sharp β„πŸ’™β„ @lydia_sharp · 1w

#mswl - adult contemp romance w/ wealthy powerful alpha heroes & strong "everyday" heroines - stories that involve travel - s3xy witty fun

Alyssa Raymond @YAEditorAlyssa · 1w

Thanks so much #YA writers! I appreciate the queries you're sending. Still seeking MS by unagented AU living in the US or Canada. #MSWL

Alycia Tornetta @Weechagirl · 1w

I’m taking pitches over at @SavvyAuthors for the next 2 days! See what’s on my #MSWL & pitch me. @entangledpub

MCainCityOwl @MaryCityOwl · 1w

I want to see more contemporary romance written in third person. 90% of queries I receive are first person POV. #MSWL .

Stephanie Stein @stephlystein · 1w

A YA or MG about a kid opposing the school board or local official. Maybe about banned books. And family supporting him/her. #MSWL

Yes! Activist kids. <3 #MSWL

Agent V @VeroniKaboom · 2w

You want to write about a gay space pirate who blasts his way through the universe looking for some world-ending MacGuffin? Go for it.


Alyssa Raymond @YAEditorAlyssa · 2w

I'm looking for #YA manuscripts by unagented authors, esp. #ownvoices #MuslimVoices . Pls query #MSWL