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Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · 5d

A type of primary relationship I’d love to see more in #SFF: comrades-in-arms—not only warrior/soldier siblings-in-battle, but also people fighting for common causes in politics, in the workplace, in civil society, &c. who believe viscerally in their purpose & in each other #MSWL

Kat Brzozowski @KatBrzozowski · 6d

In the mood for a breakneck paced, twisty and quick thriller this weekend. Something like WE WERE LIARS. Someone send me one? #MSWL

Chris Morgan @C_Morgs65 · Oct 9

Variety @Variety

Netflix landed the rights after a heated bidding war that attracted many of the major studios

A friendly reminder that if you have a John Henry but SFF, or any other SFF take on American folklore, feel free to drop me a line. #MSWL

Cassandra Farrin @CassaCassaCassa · Oct 9

I know lots of people are calling for novels to make them laugh, but I am still looking for my beautiful novel on grief, Twitter. Break my heart in the most literary, unexpected way possible, please? #MSWL

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth · Oct 8

#MSWL I'd love to acquire mystery or romance featuring main characters who have a wicked sense of humor.

alyssa miele @alyssammiele · Oct 8

🗞️BREAKING: Editor Leaves Dark Ages; Finally Makes a #MSWL Page Thingy 🗞️
story still unfolding:…

H. McCorkle @McCorkle_Editor · Oct 7

Agents, I have updated my #MSWL on my site. If you have something that matches my current wishlist, feel free to send it my way!…

Lydia Sharp @lydia_sharp · Oct 6

also my September #mswl still stands this month. You can find that here:…

Lydia Sharp @lydia_sharp · Oct 6

Entangled Publishing @entangledpub

It's HERE! Find out what our editors are wishing for this October. #amwriting

My #mswl is so short this month that you might miss it, so I'll repeat it here:
"I really want to see more YA submissions with nonbinary lead characters. Any genre or type."
That's it. *grabby hands* Now give it to me.

Allison H. Hill @ahunterhill · Oct 5

#MSWL highlights for #October🍁 : books that are cozy or warm or have a strong sense of place or magic or home

Lisa Yoskowitz @LisaYoskowitz · Oct 4

I've said it before, but now more than ever, I'm hungry for a YA novel that makes me feel the way the first half of THE POWER did. Agent friends, please send me your exciting, empowering, immersive new projects! #mswl

Anna Roberto @anna_roberto · Oct 4

Current #MSWL: Feel-good MG/YA. Any genre. Literally don't care. I'll take anything that puts a smile on the faces of readers.

Martha Mihalick @MarthaMihalick · Oct 4

Just going to put this out there in the world... two things I would not mind seeing in my inbox:
* Wizard Heist
* Modern retelling/reimagining/remix of The Secret Garden