By Assistant Editors

Katie Heit @katieheit · 4d

I could use a really joyful middle grade right now! #mswl

Karen Greenberg @kgreenbergreads · 6d

Next year, all the Jewish picture books are going to be like THE ANGRIEST MATZO BALL and HANNAH PUNCHES A NAZI.


Talia Benamy @taliabenamy · 1w

Agents: Got any middle-grade books about middle children? I'd love to see them. #MSWL

Alicia Clancy @alicia_clancy · 3w

If you can't tell, I'm on a BIG Hamilton kick now that I've seen it. Can I get a YA/women's fic told from Angelica's POV please?! #MSWL

Leah Zarra @LZarra_edits · Jul 12

Planning ahead and I would loooove a #harvest cookbook for next Fall! Send me your ideas and proposals! #harvest #cookbooksneeded #MSWL

Michelle Meade 🌈 @MichelleEllise · Jul 7

Just a reminder to the AGENTS out there: I'm desperately craving some lit. Horror right now. It tops my #MSWL , so if you've got it, send it!

Alicia Clancy @alicia_clancy · Jul 6

I don't understand how I still haven't seen a single Amazons based epic fantasy YA sub yet. GIVE IT TO ME! Please and thank you. #MSWL

Catherine Laudone @CatherineLaud · Jun 11

If Band of Brothers were a YA novel...not sure what that would look like but let's make it happen people! #MSWL

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · Jun 5

Looking to submit to @carinapress ? We recently updated our editors' submission wishlists! #mswl #carinawants

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · May 30

Historical fiction about Jewish characters; NOT set during the Holocaust, WWII, or Inquisition. #MSWL

Catherine Laudone @CatherineLaud · May 24

Agents! Looking to acquire more picture books, chapter books, MG and YA- See my updated #MSWL profile for details

Karen Greenberg @kgreenbergreads · May 22

Concept: a nonfiction anthology of young people's immigration stories from each decade of the last century. #mswl

Carly Silver @CarlyASilver · Apr 27

I would love an #ownvoices historical romance (category length) about the Rani of Jhansi. #MSWL

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · Apr 19

For our PNR proposal call, I'm particularly interested in shifters, magic-users, *new* twists on vampires. #MSWL

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig · Apr 11

Are you writing a contemporary romance with sparkling dialogue, wit and an HEA with low angst and high happy-book-feelings? I want it. #mswl