Amy Stern


Assistant Agent at the Sheldon Fogelman Agency (my views ≠ theirs). Alum of Bryn Mawr and Simmons CHL. Lover of kidlit, Muppets, comics, camp, reality TV & crit

New York, NY

Sheldon Fogelman Agency

Amy Stern @yasubscription · 16 Dec 2015

Pitching by saying there are no good books currently being published is basically just telling agents we're bad at our jobs. #querytip

Amy Stern @yasubscription · 9 Feb 2015

When you suggest an age range for your work, keep it realistic. 2-3 years usually works. #querytip

Amy Stern @yasubscription · 6 Feb 2015

Spend 5 minutes on, save yourself from becoming a loud rant to @LoveableLines in my office. Everyone wins. #querytip

Amy Stern @yasubscription · 6 Feb 2015

#querytip If you say something makes your project stand out, make sure it's actually unique, not something I see multiple times each day.