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Literary & foreign rights agent at The Rights Factory (@TRFNews). JP-EN translator, diverse SFF evangelist, Brit in Toronto. On maternity leave from Aug 2017.


The Rights Factory

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · 25 Aug 2017

Hey, people finding me through the #MSWL hashtag - please note I'm on maternity leave and closed to queries. Good luck, and enjoy MSWL day!

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · 8 Feb 2017

I would like more #SFF from scientists please. I love it when somebody's work informs their writing. #MSWL

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · 8 Feb 2017

Happy #MSWL day! I am seeking #SFF and #NF by marginalised/underrepresented authors and I keep my wish list here:

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · 8 Jun 2016

Still getting a lot of queries through #mswl that don't mention this post…. Pls read before querying me this summer!

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · 16 May 2016

Putting ALL of the SFF and historical fiction from #MuslimSquadWL on my #mswl. Thanks @gildedspine and @themuslimsquad!

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · 26 Apr 2016

No more sexy aliens, please. And no more sexy robots, either. #mswl #reversemswl

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · 8 Mar 2016

Also this seems like a good day to mention that SFF by Indigenous writers is always high up on my #mswl.

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · 11 Feb 2016

Marginalised voices writing space opera, steampunk, solarpunk, literary fantasy, folktale retellings and other fun SFF. #mswl

Lydia Moed @LydiaMoed · 11 Feb 2016

I would LOVE some #ownvoices historical fiction/historical fantasy set anywhere that is not Western Europe. #MG, #YA, #A all accepted. #mswl