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Devin Ross @Devyross · 2 Nov 2018

Reading through my queries this morning and I can't stop thinking I want more YA contemporary. Send me something light and fun that will make me laugh! #mswl

Devin Ross @Devyross · 12 Sep 2018

I'm looking for adult fiction written for millennials (EX Sweetbitter, The Assistants). I'd also love to see some hilarious commercial fiction like Life and Other Near Death Experiences or Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine. #MSWL

Devin Ross @Devyross · 12 Sep 2018

In #YA and #Adult I'd love to see magical realism (a recent fave is All The Birds in the Sky) as well as historical fantasy that throws me into an unexpected time. I have a weakness for anything Victorian or Jane Austen. Lastly: Assassins. Anything with assassins #MSWL