Caitlyn Averett

Editorial assistant (acquiring) at JIMMY Patterson Books @HachetteUS , writer, & diverse book enthusiast. INTJ/Virgo/Slytherin. She/her. (Opinions my own.)
JIMMY Patterson Books

Elise LeMassena

Editorial Assistant, Putnam Young Readers 🐧 Big fan of pugs, thrifting, & NYC. Thoughts my own or borrowed from the library. she/her. 🇨🇺
G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers

Elizabeth Lee

FSG Books for Young Readers editorial assistant, Barnard alum, opera singer, musical theater geek, and podcast addict. Usually snacking. #WNDB #POCinPub
Farrar, Straus & Giroux for Young Readers

Feather Flores 🌸

editorial assistant @ChronicleKids ✨ pets cats, smells books 📖 she/her
Chronicle Books

Gianna Lakenauth

EA at Knopf BFYR. Tea, books, aspirational cat owner. Gryffindor. She/her. Opinions are my own.
Knopf Books for Young Readers

Jenn Snyder

EA @ Berkley. Cat/goblin mom. All views expressed are my own. Extremely loud and incredibly queer. they/them or she/her. Plz send me your gayest books.

Kate Sederstrom

Reader, writer, and sugar cereal enthusiast in a codependent relationship with her cat | editorial assistant @bloomsburykids & freelance editor | she/her

Luisa Beguiristaín

Editorial Assistant at Roaring Brook Press | NYU M.S. in Publishing: Digital & Print Media | Probably drinking coffee | Opinions my own
Roaring Brook Press

Morgan Hedden

pork belly enthusiast. cookbooks and other things @GrandCentralPub
Grand Central Pub


editorial assistant @LittleBrownYR // ravenclaw // karaoke star
Little, Brown Young Readers

Ruqayyah 🍂

editorial assistant at little brown young readers. professional fangirl. actual north african ⵣ. opinions my own. #RAMNATION
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

sydnee monday

☀️🌱 editorial @kokilabooks . social&events subcommittee @pocpub . Howard alum. she/her

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