Diana M. Pho
Hugo Award-winning #AuntieEditor . Lead Executive, Co-Productions @realmmedia Queer. Geeky. Sociopolitical. she/her. Linktr.ee/dianampho. Opinions are my own.
Justin Chanda
Children's Trade & Salaam Reads Publisher at Simon & Schuster. Brooklyn Sky Farmer. Brooklyn Bread Baker. Hater of some renown. (*Tweets not sanctioned by S&S)
Kay Farrell
Assistant Publisher @SandstonePress . Saltire Society Emerging Publisher of the Year and Bookseller Rising Star 2019. Loves stories of adventurous women. She/her
Kesia Lupo
Ex literary agent and editor. Writer rep'd @veroniquebaxter , pub’d @kidsbloomsbury . Publishing Person™ 🇬🇧 in 🇺🇸 opinions own
Leodora Darlington
Publishing Director @orionbooks . Bookseller Rising Star 2021. Founder of @OwnedVoices . She/her. 🇬🇧🇬🇭 All views my own!
Margot Atwell
Executive Director & Publisher @FeministPress . Writer, publisher, creative funding expert. Formerly @Kickstarter . (she/her) Views expressed here are my own.
Meg Reid
Director, @hubcitypress . She/her. Canadian in the South 🍁. Way over yonder in the minor key. Tweets are 100% my own and don’t represent HCWP.
Molly Powell
Publishing Director @hodderscape . Commander of the Armies of the Pen, General of the Kitty Legions, loyal servant to the true king, Gendry Baratheon. she/they
Stacy Whitman
Founder & publisher of @tubooks , an imprint of @leeandlow . Diversity in SFF, mystery, GNs & more for kids & teens. K-dramas. And cats. Opinions my own.
Sue Arroyo
#Publisher @CamCatBooks , #Entrepreneur , #author , serial pet-adopter, #golfing #mom . Unapologetic about defending New Jersey. Not necessarily in that order.


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