Aneeka Kalia
Assistant Editor at @vikingchildrens , PRH. Indian-American. Expert slice-and-bake cookie maker. Amateur soccer player. Opinions are my own. She/her.
Angela Kim
Also 김미나. Assistant Editor @berkleypub . She/her. All opinions are my own.
Anu Ohioma
Assistant Editor @Workshopbooks | Penguin Young Readers.
Brit Brooks-Perilli
anime/book/video game nerd. Sometimes writer, all the time magical girl & Assistant Editor @Running_Press & @RP_Kids . All views are mine. Avi: @stinkl1ng
Caitlyn Averett is on hiatus
Little, Brown/Jimmy Patterson editorial @HachetteUS | rep’d by @SharonBelcastro | diverse book enthusiast | INTJ/Virgo | she/her (Opinions my own.)
Dainese Santos
”day-niece” • Assistant Editor @ S&S BFYR • she/her • 🇵🇭 • SoCal bias • serious reader of unserious things • terribly uncool • thoughts are my own!
Eleanor Hinkle
Assistant Editor, Clarion Books @ClarionBooks @ClarionTeen at HarperCollins • always down for a good horror movie or musical • she/her 💖💜💙• opinions my own
Esther Cajahuaringa
Assistant Editor at Little,Brown Books for Young Readers, MA @TeachersCollege | LA always
Gretchen Schmid
dance enthusiast, amateur violinist, french translator, and assistant editor @vikingbooks , @penguinbooks , & @penguinclassics
Hannah Phillips
editor @stmartinspress , connoisseur of bad TV and britney spears
Hillary Sames
⚔️ Assistant Editor (acquiring!) @orbitbooks 🚀 Former indie bookseller. Lover of books, videogames, and D&D. Opinions are my own! TX➡️NYC (she/her)
Jenn Snyder
Assistant Editor @ Berkley. Cat/goblin mom. All views are my own. Extremely loud & incredibly queer. they/she. send me your gayest & scariest books
Assistant Editor to @StacyAbramsEdit . Past: Tobias Agency. Editor at Radish Fiction. Rep'd by @HeatherCashman Motto: Make love not horcruxes
Katie Heit
Nonfiction Editor @scholastic ! Can be reached at kheit@scholastic .com. She/her.
Kiara Valdez
@01FirstSecond Assistant Editor| Writer | She/Her| Opinions are mine |✨anime, comics, fashion| Esp/日本語OK! |💗💜💙Afro-🇩🇴|Icon @senshiandy / Avi @KodoDrewThis
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Assistant EdiTOR @TorNightfire . Florida native. Chaotic neutral, horror fan, Broadway lover, and wannabe dragon. Opinions are my own. she/her. disaster 💖💜💙
Assistant Editor for the Mystic Owl line of City Owl Press
Luisa Beguiristaín
Assistant Editor at Roaring Brook Press | NYU M.S. in Publishing | Puerto Rico Born and Raised | Opinions my own | she/her
Mara Delgado-Sánchez
Puertorriqueña. Assistant Editor @stmartinspress | @wednesdaybooks . Tia @lasmusasbooks . Exactly that witch. MFA in Creative Writing. Opinions mine. (she/her)


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