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Lauren is open to queries! @laurenspieller · 12 Apr 2018

I am craving a gorgeous revenge fantasy in YA or Adult. #MSWL

Lauren is open to queries! @laurenspieller · 12 Mar 2018

BIG #MSWL for Crossover/Adult SFF

I'm looking for a book that engages with the abuses perpetrated against indigenous people, in particular women, and the colonizer's legacy of violence and oppression.

Please spread the word. I need this book. The world needs this book.

Lauren is open to queries! @laurenspieller · 7 Mar 2018

I would love to see more SFF MG and contemporary YA in my inbox. #MSWL

Lauren is open to queries! @laurenspieller · 27 Feb 2018

I'd like a MG Fantasy that features lesser-known creatures of myth and legend (be that because they don't figure as prominently in mythology, or because they are from traditions ignored by the European-centric literary canon). #mswl

Lauren is open to queries! @laurenspieller · 21 Feb 2018

There are so many things about Black Panther that I loved, but one of my favorites was the depth of the worldbuilding, and how we saw what life was like without the influence of colonization. I would love to see a SFF project that grapples with similar questions. #MSWL

Lauren is open to queries! @laurenspieller · 17 Feb 2018

Saturday Evening Thoughts

I would really love to find an exciting, middle grade adventure/ fantasy set somewhere other than the US or Europe.

Great example: THE SERPENT'S SECRET by @Sayantani16


Lauren is open to queries! @laurenspieller · 31 Jan 2018

Now that it's out in the world, I can officially say:

Fantasies like THE HAZEL WOOD by @mimi_albert are on my forever and ever #MSWL.

Lauren is open to queries! @laurenspieller · 25 Jan 2018

#MSWL: I'd love to find a YA Historical Fantasy with the kind of incredible voice and expert worldbuilding found in @jessica_shea's remarkable BORN WICKED/Cahill Witch Chronicles.

Also, if you haven't read those books, you. are. missing. out.โ€ฆ

Lauren is open to queries! @laurenspieller · 14 Jan 2018

Writers, this is my forever #MSWL-- I'd like to read a mystery or a thriller set in a SFF world. I love genre-bending spec fic!

Lauren is open to queries! @laurenspieller · 28 Dec 2017

I'm opening to queries again on 1/1/18. Here's what's at the top of my #MSWL for early 2018:

- high concept MG + YA
- #ownvoices projects in all categories
- funny female MCs
-a voicey, genre-bending Adult SFF series

For my full wishlist, check out:โ€ฆ

Lauren is open to queries! @laurenspieller · 17 Nov 2017

Good morning! I would love to see an adult SFF project with a thriller plot. Murder, mayhem, heists--something exciting that MOVES, set inside an immersive speculative world. #MSWL

Lauren is open to queries! @laurenspieller · 12 Oct 2017

Top of my Adult #MSWL right now: a big, commercial SFF series w/ a thrilling plot, unforgettable cast of characters, & killer worldbuilding.