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Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · Mar 30

I have a lot of YA in my box. You know what I’d love to have more of? MG (fantasy, sci-fi, and contemporary) and Adult Romance! So a few #MSWL for these two age ranges are to follow! ❀️

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 12 Sep 2018

#MSWL As always, I'm so in love with YA. Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Contemporary, Historical, etc.. The things I'm not all that into are actually time travel (in any age range) and alternate dimensions (as of right now...little tired of them...).

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 2 Mar 2018

I still desperately need a Women's Fiction or Romance or even just Contemporary like The Bold Type! Friendship and female bosses galore! And HUMOR! All the laugh out loud lines, please! #MSWL

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 1 Mar 2018

MG Contemporary about a young girl in space camp who wants to beat all the boys to the moon. #MSWL

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 12 Sep 2017

I've also had an uptake in Contemporary recently! When the pendulum swings one way, it must swing back. Where's my fantasy at? #MSWL

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 8 Sep 2017

Starting to see a pattern in my contemporaries: near death experiences and adrenaline junkies...I'll take it. #mswl

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 18 Jun 2016

#MSWL A/NA contemporary romance about two people who fall in love while traveling the world together. Italy, Thailand, China, everywhere!

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 7 May 2016

#MSWL YA Contemp Romance on a hip hop dancer living on the floor, a man to challenge, and writing that recreates the feeling of dancing. :)