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Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Feb 16

Hope N. Griffin @HopeNGriffin

@LitAgentKelly Do I add something different for the agents? Maybe include future work ideas along with the current manuscript?

Replying to @HopeNGriffin

Nah, that would be a conversation to have with them if/when they ask and offer representation. :) You just want to personalize for the agents, so “I saw on your MSWL page that you’re looking for historical in the vein of Ruby from Cold Mountain. This manuscript has her voice and

Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Feb 16

Cody DeBos - Writing @CodyDeBos

@LitAgentKelly Hi Kelly! Any tips for making a pitch/ms stand out in a YA dystopian market that can already be oversaturated?

Replying to @CodyDeBos

Oof, that’s tough. The only tips I can really give without knowing anything is to make it personal and write what you feel you need to write. Market yourself as a writer, not just marketing the book. And give specifics for comp titles (i.e. the games of The Hunger Games meets the

Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Feb 16

MichaelLackey-Author @supes23

@LitAgentKelly I have a question. Why do agents not consider previously published novels unless they hit #1 status? I would love to sign with an agent for upcoming novels, but only have my current works.

Replying to @supes23

Because if you’ve already published, it means the rights are usually not for sale, and even if they could be bought, then it will cost more money to get out of the contract with a small press, so the book would have to have the potential of earning A LOT of money in order to make

Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Feb 16

Leah Boudreaux @LeahBoudreaux2

@LitAgentKelly If you have time to indulge another from me, I’m just curious: how does the agent side of the process work when you request a full? Do you dig into requested materials right away? Set them aside and proceed in the order you requested? Whatever floats your boat at the moment?

Replying to @LeahBoudreaux2

Whatever floats our boats at the moment usually. It depends on whether we need to stick to a schedule, do edits, make calls, meet edits, look over contracts, etc., and if there’s Pitch contests coming up or something. All dependent on what’s happening!

Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Feb 16

Cathrina Constantine @cathconstantine

@LitAgentKelly What is the difference between voice and narrative in a story?

Replying to @cathconstantine

Hopefully this helps explain better. :) Narrative is usually insinuating a narrator, whereas voice has a bit more of a personal feel/connection with the main character.…

Kelly 📚 @LitAgentKelly · Feb 16

Ruquayya Sajjida Is Querying @RuquayyaSajjida

@LitAgentKelly Is it better to be more descriptive or less descriptive? Also, if you get rejected, can you query the same agent six months later once you’ve revised?

Replying to @RuquayyaSajjida

If you do heavy revisions, most agents probably say it’s okay to requery. And you want to find a balance in between the polars of description in order to fit with your voice and your character. :)