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Ashley Herring Blake
Literary Agent
Agent w/ Rees Literary | Author of books | Up next: HAZEL BLY & THE DEEP BLUE SEA, LBYR 2021; DELILAH GREEN DOESN’T CARE, Berkley 2022 | she/her | πŸ’–πŸ’™πŸ’œ
Literary Agent
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Literary Agent
Literary Agent at @reesagency . Twitter Valkyrie. Philadelphian. Pisces. She/her. Multitasks #LikeABoss . Gandalf of #TheFellowship . Tweets are my own.✌🏻
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Literary Agent
Reps MG/YA/Romance/WF/SFF for the Rees Literary Agency. Author of books, THE WISE AND THE WICKED the latest, THE DUST ALPHABET next. She/her Rep @ericsmithrocks
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