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Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · Oct 7

Try to stay away from over exaggerations and use adverbs ending in -ly sparingly. It doesn't help to get your point across, and let's be honest, which is stronger:
"She's extremely angry and goes to hunt them down."
"She hunts them down, anger raging inside her."

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · Oct 7

Make sure you include the basics at a minimum:
WHO is your character?
WHAT do they want (goal)?
WHEN does it all blow up in their faces (inciting incident)?
WHERE does this lead them?
HOW does this change their goal/character?
WHY is this new goal so important (stakes)?

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · Oct 7

This is also why sending your query to multiple beta readers and CPs is so important. I consistently ask for multiple reads of pitches because I know I utilize these weaker words and that my friends can help me pick them out. Make friends. Help friends. Ask for help. #querytip

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · Oct 7

I struggle all the time qith using powerful words in queries and submissions. Some of my weakest are usually verbs like "thinks," "comes to find," "extremely," etc.. It's HARD, but these all make your character quite passive and aren't as strong as they could be! #querytip

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · Oct 7

Use your manuscript's strengths to your advantage. Have a nice genre-bending manuscript that's creepy/atmospheric, but also has family ties? Make one query accentuating the creepy atmosphere and another accentuating the family ties and be smart about who you send to. #querytip

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · Oct 7

Make sure you do your research, and if we don't specifically mention a genre or age range, it's probably because we don't represent it. I don't represent non-fiction but have received MANY queries in non-fiction that I've had to unfortunately turn down. Please research. #querytip

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · Aug 20

I’m so frustrated, so random #querytip, DO NOT email 100-some agents and tell them to start bidding money for your query, and that for each bid, you will release one word of your manuscript. It cracks me up that you all think we’ve got thousands of dollars lying around toβ€”

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · Feb 20

Random #querytip: Voice doesn’t always mean the dialogue or the thoughts/italics that come from your main character. Most of the time, it’s actually your sentence structures and your word choices. So, how can you best convey your style, and your character, through words?

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · Jan 10

Kortney Price @kortney_price

I'm getting a LOT of queries with super low word counts for their category/genre. When you're editing make sure to keep this in mind! Not sure? A great resource is #querytip #subtip

That’s so funny, because I’m getting all the queries with super high word counts. πŸ˜‚πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ Guys, even in adult high fantasies, I really don’t want to be reading a book longer than 130k words. I just don’t have that kind of time and I bet you can probably tighten it. #querytip

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 14 Nov 2018

#querytip If an agent rejects you because of your word count, please don’t resubmit your query with the exact same pages and word count, only changing your query to now list all of the ridiculous reasons the agent is supposedly wrong and you are supposedly right. #Nope

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 10 Sep 2018

#querytip Another great conversation and clarification that's come about tonight: Third Person Omniscient vs. Third Person Limited! It's important to know the difference and which one you're writing. :) Make sure you do your research with other books, too!…

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 10 Sep 2018

#querytip I'm seeing so many people who don't have a strong, enthralling voice for three reasons:
1. You're not varying your sentence structure.
2. You're not telling the story from your MC, but rather a narrator.
3. You're not utilizing all of your MC's senses to tell the story.

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 10 Sep 2018

#Querytip I've seen many authors who have no idea how to write a query recently. My box is filled with writers who only put a few sentences down or put their synopsis in the query section instead. If you're unsure how, @JaneFriedman is an excellent source!

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 29 Aug 2018

4. The accidental pregnancy/using a baby as the only tension in romance is not my jam.
5. Psychological thrillers are basically with emotional turmoil. Anything too emotionally/psychologically dark and I don't like it.
6. I don't represent PBs or chapter books. #querytip

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 29 Aug 2018

10 things I wish writers knew about me:
1. I don't like Christmas stories, but I love Christmas as a holiday.
2. I have a horse but I don't usually like horse stories.
3. I'm not an animal main character person, even in MG. I can never connect, even though I love them.

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 29 Aug 2018

Found a slew of queries today making 1 of these 2mistakes:
1. Not including an actual query. Please research queries and what's meant to be in them before querying.
2. Querying self published books because you want a larger audience and now want to traditionally pub.

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 18 Jul 2018

#querytip A lot of people try to break the fourth wall in their manuscripts, but the problem with that is that you, as a writer, are physically making your reader step back and realize they're not in your story. Part of the magic of books that you love is because you feel like

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 16 Jul 2018

A thread on some overused opening page scenes that are usually considered a NO when going through our query boxes...

#querytip #amquerying #amagenting