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Literary Agent at the Bradford Literary Agency, making my way through adventures in agent land.

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Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 14 Nov 2018

Carolina🇨🇴 @CarolinaFlorezC

#askagentbla do you have any agent pet peeves? Or overall things that turn you off when reading a query and sample pages?

Replying to @CarolinaFlorezC

I hate when someone starts with just Literary Agent instead of my name. I hate floating voices (starting with dialogue with no context). Prologues. Ignoring guidelines. #askagentbla

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 14 Nov 2018

Teresa @MamaT821

@Natalie_Lakosil I’m sorry, this might be a silly question, but what’s a DUMMY? #askagentBLA

Replying to @MamaT821

A picture book dummy! :) It's a mock-up of a picture book text with sample art and sketches. Only needed if you're an author/illo. #askagentbla

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 14 Nov 2018

Teresa @MamaT821

#askagentBLA what’s normally the next step after giving notice that you’ll rep an author?

Replying to @MamaT821

I like this idea, that I can just give someone notice I'm their agent now and not have to fight off any others 😆 #askagentbla

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 14 Nov 2018

Jen Marie Wiggins @JenMarieWiggin1

@Natalie_Lakosil One last question (TY so much!) I wrote book bc I was 7 time bridesmaid and saw hole in market. Is that enough of a NF platform? Is platform an issue with this kind of humor NF? Thanks #askagentbla

Replying to @JenMarieWiggin1

It can be. Platform is traditionally the answer to why are YOU the best one to be writing this book? But with a gift/humor book, it could just be damn good. But a LOT of them have platform of popular blogs/tumblrs/buzzfeeds etc. #askagentbla

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 14 Nov 2018

Elaina Battista-Parsons @BraveIrene77

Is it necessary or not recommended to nudge agents who have your first 100 pages? And after how long? 8 weeks? 12 weeks? or NEVER? #askagentbla

Replying to @BraveIrene77

I wouldn't say it's necessary, and it's not unreasonable. Just know the agent you are nudging likely knows very well they still have not read your work and feel all the guilty feels but that does not mean they don't care or don't intend to read. 12 weeks seems fair? #askagentbla

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 14 Nov 2018

Christina Ferko @ChristinaFerko

Do you know if the market is still favorable to YA retellings or is that trend fading/gone? #askagentbla

Replying to @ChristinaFerko

My answer to this question is that technically everything is recycled bits and pieces of lore and stories we cobble together, so no, retellings are never going away. But you're doing one that was recently done a lot/already, sure there may be fatigue. #askagentbla

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 14 Nov 2018

Frank Reynolds @BrightPurpleSky

#askagentBLA what is a good definition for the word "query"? I want to ask but after googling it only confused me even more.

Replying to @BrightPurpleSky

A cover letter that tells me the hook of your book, enough to make me want to turn to pages, perhaps why you chose to query me, and a little about who you are. #askagentbla

Natalie M. Lakosil @Natalie_Lakosil · 14 Nov 2018

Ameerah Holliday @Ms_Holliday93

Do publishing certificate/ Masters programs help in regard to getting your foot through the agenting door? Any tips for some who’s trying? Thanks!


Replying to @Ms_Holliday93

Not really. I mean, they provide mentorships sometimes, or could lead to an internship which could lead to a personalized connection, but they're really more for craft than business. #askagentbla