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Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Apr 1

I need more chaotic characters in my life. Chaotic good, chaotic neutral, chaotic evil. I need them all... a thread. #mswl

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Mar 30

Tara Gilbert 🔮✨ @Literary_Tara

I have a lot of darker themes in my query box (as well as clients that write darker subjects), so I'm REALLY craving light, upbeat, funny works right now #MSWL

Books/movies/shows that I have loved that fall under this category... pic.twitter.com/KRy2WLZ9GL

Schitt's Creek
10 Things I Hate About You
Anything by Rick Riordan
Most Studio Ghibli/Miyazaki films
Fruits Basket (or any anime that funny and cute)
Yuri! On Ice (more cute gays)

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Mar 15

I'd love to read something that will make me laugh and smile. There is not enough of that in my box. #mswl

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Mar 13

Watching Star Girl because @JoleneHaley mentioned it. Now I need to read the book. I love stories about people who have been homeschooled and then join public school.

I want more. #mswl

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Mar 11

Hi #tarot readers/creators! If you have a great platform and are looking to publish a book or tarot deck, please reach out to me! I'd love to help. bit.ly/2scT7Uh #MSWL

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Mar 6

You know what... I would really like some super weird gay vampire manuscripts. Like GIDEON THE NINTH but vampires. #mswl

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Mar 5

Some things I am looking for:
- YA RomCom (or adult) with a diverse cast and smart topics.
- MG/YA nonfiction
- LGBTQ+ nonfiction
- Graphic novels in pretty much anything on my wishlist
- #LGBTQIA+ characters in everything.
- Body diversity
- Underrepresented voices

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Feb 18

Can I get a LGBTQIA+ sports romance? Especially if the sporty one is a lady, trans, or nonbinary. This is for adult, YA, and I'd take upper MG (even if it isn't romance). Thanks! #mswl

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Feb 7

Can I have like a YA Romcom set in a medieval fantasy world? Maybe a GN of this? #MSWL

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Feb 4

Can I get retellings of public domain books by POC authors? I'd love to see more of that in my box. ❤ #mswl

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Jan 29

Have I mentioned my obsession with secret societies? Like, I super love weird secret society stories and occult groups. Think NINTH HOUSE or THE SECRET HISTORY, but I'd also love to see stories outside of a university setting. #MSWL

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Jan 28

I kind of love the Dracula on Netflix. He's the kind of evil I'm looking for when asking for vampire stories. He's kind of funny too. Also, love sister Agatha. 😂 #MSWL

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Jan 27

"Riddle, riddle, on the wall..." - Truly Devious
I need more puzzles, murder, and mystery in my box like TRULY DEVIOUS. YA and MG only. I'm not a fit for your regular cozy mystery novels. #mswl