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Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · 4d

- Adult and YA speculative fiction like VE Schwab and Madeline Miller.
- Fluffy, happy romance.
- Have you read anything by TJ Klune? Because I'm looking for the next TJ Klune. Hilarious, emotional, awesome.

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Feb 18

Can I get a LGBTQIA+ sports romance? Especially if the sporty one is a lady, trans, or nonbinary. This is for adult, YA, and I'd take upper MG (even if it isn't romance). Thanks! #mswl

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Jan 17

Oooo and I want books that make me laugh so hard I cry. Especially MG books and romance books.

Give me quiet books too that make you smile at the end (or cry). Especially in YA and Adult spaces. #mswl

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Jan 17

Hi #amquerying, I have an urgent #mswl that needs to be addressed...
I am seriously lacking anything and everything in the contemporary fiction space. Romance, Realistic (nonissue books), WF, RomCom, high concept book! I need them in MG, YA, and Adult categories.

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Jan 6

In General Fiction, I'm super picky, but would like:
- Literary Fiction by diverse authors.
- High concept Romance like RW&RB.
- Books that would fall in the NA category if it existed.

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · 4 Dec 2019

OOoOOO it's #pitmad tomorrow! Here is what I'm going to be looking for...

🏳️‍🌈Diverse voices! LGBTQ+, Neurodiversity, POC, and other marginalized communities.
❤️Contemporary Romance in YA, NA, Adult!
😭Contemporaries in YA!

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · 18 Oct 2019

Some ideas? How about:
- 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, but gay.
- a neurodiverse YOU GOT MAIL
- a plus-size of FIRST 50 DATES (or any book because I need more plus-size characters) #mswl 3/3

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · 18 Oct 2019

Recent romances that I have loved and would like to see comps to:

Basically, I want to see the next generation of romance. Millennials in romance, #ownvoices, underrepresented groups, and more. #MSWL 2/3

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · 18 Oct 2019

Soooo... there is a lack of romance in my box, and I would like to rectify that. #amquerying

If you have a romance novel you are querying, I would love to see it! #MSWL

I'm looking for romance books that almost cross over into contemporary fiction/women's fiction. 1/3

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · 11 Oct 2019

#WritingCommunity where are my Romance writers? As I go through my query box, I'm desperate to read romance. I'd love to see anything LGBTQ+ and anything with a new spin on an old favorite. #amquerying thanks! #mswl

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · 24 Sep 2019

I want more Gothic books! All types! Southern, Horror, Modern, Romance, etc. #MSWL

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · 24 Sep 2019

Some more romance, but fantasy this time! I totally ship Harrow and Viren from The Dragon Prince. Please, someone, send me a story about a King and his adviser falling in love! But only after that adviser tries to kill him. #mswl

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · 24 Sep 2019

I want this very queer romance. What is their story?Because I want it. #mswl

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · 24 Sep 2019

More romance! RED, WHITE AND ROYAL BLUE is my absolute favorite romance EVER. Can someone please send me a romance, but with more than just romance? A romance to hits some hard topics, is funny and heartbreaking all at once, and is queer. #mswl