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Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Jul 11

The Babysitters Club is making me crave cute contemporary MG. Anyone have a MS or GN about friendships or first crushes? #mswl

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Jul 10

I'd love to see a MG or YA non-fic graphic novel. Especially something from an author from an underrepresented community. #mswl #illustrator's if you are interested, please reach out!

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Apr 10

I also need more graphic novels in my inbox. See my wishlist here for a better idea: storyoracle.wordpress.com/mswl/ #mswl

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Mar 5

Some things I am looking for:
- YA RomCom (or adult) with a diverse cast and smart topics.
- MG/YA nonfiction
- LGBTQ+ nonfiction
- Graphic novels in pretty much anything on my wishlist
- #LGBTQIA+ characters in everything.
- Body diversity
- Underrepresented voices

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Feb 7

Can I have like a YA Romcom set in a medieval fantasy world? Maybe a GN of this? #MSWL

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Jan 6

Misc. wants:
- Artist and Illustrators for picture books and graphic novels.
- Tarot card proposal.
- Middle Grade and YA nonfiction by underrepresented authors and spirituality.

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Jan 6

For Middle Grade, I am desperate for:
- Horror that would even make adults squirm.
- Themes with puzzles and riddles.
- Group of kids going on adventures in their hometown.
- Graphic novels (in YA too)!

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · Jan 6

Tara🔮✨closed to queries. @Literary_Tara

🎉I'm OPEN for queries!!!🎉
So it's time for a fresh #mswl thread. pic.twitter.com/5ZkbJUXMUF

For Young Adult, I am really craving the following:
- Fun Historicals like A LADY'S GUIDE
- Best friend stories/platonic love stories.
- Contemporaries that make me cry.
- A YA Killing Eve!
- Stories for young YA (14 and 15-year-olds).
- As always diverse voices.

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · 4 Dec 2019

🦹‍♀️Graphic Novels in everything above and Illustrators!
👧YOUNG YA, like 14/15 yo MC's.

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · 22 Nov 2019

Have I mentioned how much I want to represent Graphic Novels? I'm open to MG and YA! Especially diverse voices and stories. #mswl.

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · 4 Sep 2019

Y'all, I'm REALLY craving a cute queer romance graphic novel in my box. Like, FENCE, BLOOM, HEARTSTOPPER, but F/F instead. PLEASE. #mswl

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · 9 Jul 2019

I need a MG graphic novel ala Stranger Things, Goonies, Stand by Me, and any other movie with kids doing crazy things to save the world/town/friends. #MSWL