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Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · May 29

I'm going to bug the #WritingCommunity and #romancelandia again. I'm desperately seeking to represent an author who writes happy, funny, heartfelt books in MG, YA, or Adult. #mswl.

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · 24 Sep 2019

More romance! RED, WHITE AND ROYAL BLUE is my absolute favorite romance EVER. Can someone please send me a romance, but with more than just romance? A romance to hits some hard topics, is funny and heartbreaking all at once, and is queer. #mswl

Tara is open to queries @Literary_Tara · 23 Jul 2019

Andrea Walker @_AndreaWalker_

@erin_clyburn @Megan_Manzano @Literary_Tara What’s at the TOP of your MSWL? Anything you’re dying to see?! 😁


I'll retweet this one. THE TOP of my list would be a romance like RED, WHITE, AND ROYAL BLUE. A queer romance that is more than a romance, funny, and makes me swoon. #MSWL