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Laura Crockett ♠️ @LECrockett · 19 May 2019

Met @kristywharvey today at my library and she signed all three of my books! Agents can be fangirls too 😉

Y’all, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love contemporary women’s fiction. If you can write sisters like Kristy, send it my way! #mswl

Laura Crockett ♠️ @LECrockett · 22 Apr 2019

I’m focusing a lot in Adult as well—women’s fiction, fantasy, and historical. With WF I want to see upmarket book club fiction (ELEANOR OLIPHANT) and romcoms (MEET CUTE). I want lyrical, historically-inspired fantasy (EMPIRE OF SAND, Juliet Marillier, anything witches). #mswl

Laura Crockett ♠️ @LECrockett · 12 Sep 2017

WF dual narratives with interesting conflicts, taboo topics, family history, etc! J. Picoult, B. Williams, K. Morton, K. Quinn... #mswl

Laura Crockett ♠️ @LECrockett · 5 Sep 2017

#MSWLaesthetic WF/YA/MG set on an apple orchard. Family-run, store + restaurant/bakery as well, dynamics with public/each other #mswl 🍎🍂

Laura Crockett ♠️ @LECrockett · 30 Aug 2017

I'd love a YA/WF ms akin to BBC's Bletchley Circle -- intense, intelligent women coding, solving crimes, ending wars, and taking names #mswl

Laura Crockett ♠️ @LECrockett · 26 Jun 2017

#MSWLaesthetic Mechanics of creation. "Archaic" passions are intriguing&atmospheric esp w the right voice&narrative. HF, F, WF, A/YA #mswl

Laura Crockett ♠️ @LECrockett · 1 Jun 2016

A round of MSWL!

Would love to see some more romcom/Kinsella-esque WF in my inbox. #mswl

Laura Crockett ♠️ @LECrockett · 11 Feb 2016

Love all contemp, but adore Kinsella & Rowell's #A & Perkins, H.Fitzpatrick, & Lord's #YA voices. Funny, + friendship, & depth #CR #WF #MSWL

Laura Crockett ♠️ @LECrockett · 11 Feb 2016

Stories featuring fierce, independent women in history, like BOMB GIRLS, MISS FISHER'S, BLETCHLEY CIRCLE. #YA #A #WF #HF #M #MSWL

Laura Crockett ♠️ @LECrockett · 11 Feb 2016

Would adore a #YA or #A retelling/expansion of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF, or YA Crusades (historical or hist-inspired fantasy) #HF #F #WF #MSWL

Laura Crockett ♠️ @LECrockett · 8 Feb 2016

I'm always in the mood for something light and fun, a good laugh. YA/WF with millennial appeal. Like a light ATTACHMENTS, if you will. #mswl