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Farrar, Straus & Giroux for Young Readers

Elizabeth Lee @EleeReads · Sep 24

- Mother / daughter relationships
- Diverse stories by diverse creators
- And of course, stories that I don’t even know I want. I love to be wowed. (And proceed to ramble about how much I love something to @GraceKendallLit) 😉❤️

Elizabeth Lee @EleeReads · Sep 24

- A fresh, self-aware diverse romance ala #JaneTheVirgin for teens
-A LGBTQIA+ story that doesn’t feature a coming out story
-A freshman year of college story!!
-A gritty, heart-pounding thriller rooted in character with a slow-burning romance

Elizabeth Lee @EleeReads · Sep 24

- #OwnVoices magical realism, reimagined folk tales, and sweeping, character-driven adventures
- Literary, contemporary stories about tween female friendship and the ins and outs of tweendom (if that’s a word)

Elizabeth Lee @EleeReads · Sep 24

PICTURE BOOKS: thoughtful, uplifting pbs that make me want to cry and also read to every child I know.

Elizabeth Lee @EleeReads · Aug 19

Can't stop watching #FourWeddingsAndAFuneral miniseries and now I really want a YA version: diverse, tight-knit friend group, romance abound, lots of drama with just as much heart #MSWL