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Kelly is CLOSED to Queries @LitAgentKelly · 12 Sep 2018

#MSWL MG is usually where you'll see my love of space adventures come into play, as well! I'm not a huge fan of space, but for whatever reason, I love them in MG. Imaginations galore!

Kelly is CLOSED to Queries @LitAgentKelly · 12 Sep 2018

#MSWL MG Diverse and LGBTQIA+ voices. Middle grade is really some of the toughest years of my life, and anything that can help them realize it's okay to be different, is helpful. Love ghost stories and stories of crushes and friendship at this age.

Kelly is CLOSED to Queries @LitAgentKelly · 10 Aug 2018

I'm still running on U.K. time, so I'm a little exhausted, but I'm super excited to be at the Hilton and getting prepped and ready for #WDC18 #pitchSlam tomorrow! If you have MG, YA, or Adult romance, fantasy, futuristic sci-fi, or anything on my #MSWL, come pitch me tomorrow!

Kelly is CLOSED to Queries @LitAgentKelly · 1 Mar 2018

MG Contemporary about a young girl in space camp who wants to beat all the boys to the moon. #MSWL

Kelly is CLOSED to Queries @LitAgentKelly · 27 Nov 2017

Saritza☕️Hernandez @epubagent

I want this so bad! Would love it in either YA or adult but prefer adult fiction. #MSWL…

Replying to @epubagent

And I'll prefer YA! Perfect! Actually, this would make a really amazing MG too. Kid who wants to do this for a living and ends up trying to follow them and mimic them and such, and gets taken under the wing of one of the women. 😱👍🏻❤️ #MSWL

Kelly is CLOSED to Queries @LitAgentKelly · 21 Nov 2017

Kelly @YAFantasyFan

#MSWL FULL BLOWN TRIBAL FANTASY with Native American influences or Native American mythology/stories. Make it dark, brutal, and heartbreakingly realistic, especially if it's #ownvoices. I want to be educated here.

Replying to @YAFantasyFan

#MSWL MG with female MC who goes to space camp and kicks all the boys butts because she wants to be an astronaut and her idol is Sally Ride. So she learns to read the stars, understand horoscopes, and uses it all to navigate friendships.

Kelly is CLOSED to Queries @LitAgentKelly · 11 Jan 2017

Random #mswl, but if you have a MG that literally makes me laugh out loud, I'm in love with it.