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All things wordy, generally nerdy. Associate Literary Agent, Agent Mentor @StormLiterary I want all the books...😍 (MG and YA for now)

Probably a curvy road...

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Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman · Jan 8

#MSWL a #MG or #YA retelling of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman · 24 Sep 2019


YA or MG graphic novels that intertwine the text and illustrations (think CHOPSTICKS) or that show a secondary story in the illustrations.

Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman · 24 Sep 2019


YA Count of Monte Cristo--I love the intricacy of the plot and also justice stories with excellent character arcs.

(And I don't like the movie. Just the book.)

Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman · 24 Sep 2019


Only #YA and #MG Please! (NO PB or Adult)

Teen Ocean's Eleven

Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman · 7 Mar 2019

I want a YA about this! #MSWL

Ellen Has a Big Surprise for Viral McDonalds Pranksters ellentube.com/video/ellen-ha…