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Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman · Feb 1

Book titles are important!
They should:
-tell what the book’s about
-pitch your book
-intrugue the reader
-irony if possible

Hunger Games

Scrolling through a slush pile is a lot like seeing book spines on shelves. Grab the reader w/ that title!
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Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman · 11 Nov 2019

How not to query: email with 33 attachments and ask me to email a reply with my submission requirements.

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Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman · 26 Sep 2019

Hope this thread helps someone! It's my favorite way to begin a revision!


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Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman · 26 Sep 2019

If you can't eliminate that scene, find ways to cut and make what's left more vivid and emotionally resonant.

For scenes that were out of order, take a close look at your plot. There's a reason you didn't remember it correctly.


Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman · 26 Sep 2019

Forgotten scenes are probably not as necessary and could be drastically cut down or eliminated. Take only the very important elements and see if you can fit them in somewhere else.


Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman · 26 Sep 2019

Include character arc and plot--whatever you can remember. No more than 1-2 paragraphs.

ONLY THEN-go to your manuscript.

Write a paragraph for every scene.

Compare the versions.


Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman · 26 Sep 2019

#amwriting #amrevising advice thread---

Wait 6-8 weeks.

Do not look at your manuscript, synopsis, or query letter.

From memory, write every scene of your novel in order. Put remembered ones wherever you happen to remember them.


Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman · 19 Aug 2019

Please, don't lie in your query.
About being self-published 'by a small traditional press'.
About the word count on your book.
On anything.
Because when I research you, it doesn't matter how amazing your ms is. I'll reject you and we'll both be disappointed.

Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman · 29 Jul 2019

Put your whole name and links in your signature. I've requested manuscripts based on research done after looking at links. Just a first name signature makes me wonder if you really understand the business side of writing and take it seriously.
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Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman · 5 Jun 2019

An entire paragraph of comp titles, even more than a few, begins to feel like nothing in your book is unique.
It's a balance, familiar but different.

Heather Cashman @HeatherCashman · 30 May 2019

#querytip Thread
If you're going to use a comparable title that's epic (like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Shadow and Bone), you're setting the agent up to have huge expectations.
If you must use that title...

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