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Relentless Stark ✊🏻 @syntactics · 1w

Bringing it back because I'm not playing: #mswl Inspired by Gothamist & DNAinfo, I want MG about kids of union-bust… https://t.co/iUR1NQZWmA

Relentless Stark ✊🏻 @syntactics · 1w

#mswl Inspired by Gothamist & DNAinfo, I want a middle grade book about kids of union-busted parents creating their own union.

Relentless Stark ✊🏻 @syntactics · Oct 17

The wonderful @MissDahlELama reminded me that there are not enough queer witch books. 1) WHY NOT? 2) GIMME A FEMINIST QUEER WITCH YA! #mswl

Rachel Stark @syntactics · Sep 21

My name is Clement Nwafor a Nigerian painter. #drawingwhileblack https://t.co/VU6U7cXDGz

#mswl Any book for which I can hire this illustrator for the cover. https://t.co/3TrvENiRdH

Rachel Stark @syntactics · Sep 12

How to make a character sympathetic 1. Moral code 2. Active selflessness/other-orientation 3. Victim of injustice/underdog

Totally not the only way to make a character sympathetic, but a GREAT way, and one that I am especially keen on… https://t.co/dkJPXIAluv

Rachel Stark @syntactics · Sep 12

Literary historical fiction (YA or MG) about the misogynist persecution of midwives, esp re: accusations of witchcraft. #MSWL

Y'aaaaaall. Make this happen. #mswl https://t.co/J6czQPSPgU

Rachel Stark @syntactics · Sep 7

this article: https://t.co/jEBNz3jai7

Oof. I feel like there's a novel in here, especially if it's a teen that's got their own stuff going on at the same… https://t.co/chyrccG4yL

Rachel Stark @syntactics · Sep 6

Realistic fiction or autobiographical. Both. All. I want a shelf full of middle grade graphic novels by creators of… https://t.co/ySqfTpIO20

Oh hey @haleshannon and I have the same #mswl https://t.co/DAwMbcv2no

Rachel Stark @syntactics · Sep 1

A South African busboy owns a tiny glass sphere which lets her see every fear happening around the world.

Waaaaaant! #MSWL for me too, @liz_adventures ! https://t.co/4UcXHtWH6B

Rachel Stark @syntactics · Aug 30

#LiteraryLA : I'm leading a talk on Octavia E. Butler's KINDRED tonight, sponsored by @penusa & the Edison Book Club… https://t.co/mnWkutVFZL

Read this as #LiteraryYA at first & it reminded me of HOW INCREDIBLY BADLY I want a book that does for YA what Kind… https://t.co/vn2p6zcoEV

Rachel Stark @syntactics · Aug 17

Friends, let these skater girls of Kabul, Afghanistan, put a smile on your faces. I mean, just look at the joy in t… https://t.co/t0KJ46TUuj

#MSWL https://t.co/AZHPUD9CZp

Rachel Stark @syntactics · Jul 28

100 Years Ago Today: The Forgotten First March For Civil Rights https://t.co/GoFZ5b5gTW https://t.co/JL1o33TIBm

But for real, #mswl https://t.co/ZDcgQR6c6o

Rachel Stark @syntactics · Jul 22

a lady drug lord who dresses in men's clothing and falls in love with all her brother's love interests How is this… https://t.co/p68MWkx1px

Can I get an #mswl pls https://t.co/btAp9feCOh

Rachel Stark @syntactics · Jul 21

Dear publishers, Someone please let me put together a Poe anthology. It will be so good. SO GOOD. xo, Me

My favorite college course was my Poe seminar. YA writers, get the heck on this. #mswl https://t.co/9CyOI0ge3v

Rachel Stark @syntactics · Jul 14

#mswl inspired by a convo with @Emma_Dubin . Does anyone have a YA fantasy inspired by the story of Vashti? https://t.co/MfP4PqBOQZ

Rachel Stark @syntactics · Jul 11

This teen is the first black woman to ride in U.S. polo's highest league https://t.co/PIkFZPTXVq https://t.co/XwKOoEDamf

#mswl https://t.co/dtJCFODE93

Rachel Stark @syntactics · May 19

Arctic stronghold of world’s seeds flooded after permafrost melts https://t.co/Doa4ZrlvMc

First off: we have an Arctic stronghold of the world's seeds? What? And #mswl . https://t.co/y5RC6fLun6

Rachel Stark @syntactics · May 19

My next several sets of #subtips are going to be about sexual content in YA! Buckle up, it's gonna be interesting.

This is all ama-a-a-a-azing food for thought, and #mswl to YA that handles these layers of sexuality (or asexuality… https://t.co/Ilvo5S9bWF