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Assistant Editor at Atheneum (S&S) by day, purveyor of dad jokes by night. My tweets are my own. she/her 🇧🇷🇺🇸

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Ghoulia McCaaaaahhhrthy @thejumbles · Aug 6

I want to believe that stories can change hearts. I’m actively seeking stories about immigrants, refugees, and the marginalized, so please send me your graphic novels, your picture books, your YA, your MG! Love and empathy and awareness can be radical. #MSWL

Ghoulia McCaaaaahhhrthy @thejumbles · Jun 18

Hello, I would love a picture book about Boaty McBoatface and its contributions to climate change research! #MSWL…

Ghoulia McCaaaaahhhrthy @thejumbles · Jun 8

Hi it’s Brooklyn Pride and I just want to publish and celebrate sweet, earnest, cozy queer stories until the cows come home—picture book, MG, YA, you name it! Open to any and all reading recs, definitely also on my #MSWL

Ghoulia McCaaaaahhhrthy @thejumbles · 2 Aug 2018

Guys I just really love pigeons ok? In fact, a picture book about pigeons would definitely be on my #MSWL

Ghoulia McCaaaaahhhrthy @thejumbles · 30 Jul 2018

We need to do right by this planet. Would absolutely love a picture book about the Amazon that sheds light on how desperately we need to care for our natural resources and marginalized societies. #MSWL…

Ghoulia McCaaaaahhhrthy @thejumbles · 16 Jul 2018

Didn’t get the lovely submission I wanted, but it just means my heart is open to more picture books about activism, compassion, and self-esteem! #MSWL

Ghoulia McCaaaaahhhrthy @thejumbles · 22 May 2018

Dream picture book concept for my #MSWL : a young witch in training explores her forest and uses the science found in nature to help tend to the world around her.

Ghoulia McCaaaaahhhrthy @thejumbles · 15 May 2018

I dream of a picture book that looks and reads like a Joanna Newsom song #MSWL

Ghoulia McCaaaaahhhrthy @thejumbles · 30 Mar 2018

Friendly reminder that picture books, MG, or YA novels about Brasilian culture or protagonists are at the top of my #MSWL ! Very hype to hear that @fsgbooks is publishing O sol na Cabeça by Geovani Martins!

Ghoulia McCaaaaahhhrthy @thejumbles · 9 Feb 2018

Listening to @caetanoveloso on the way to work makes me want to work on a picture book biography of him so badly. #MSWL #LatinX #MusicaBrasileiro

Ghoulia McCaaaaahhhrthy @thejumbles · 3 Oct 2017

For my 1st #mswl , I’m starting strong with any picture book that involves capybaras and their ability to befriend all kinds of critters.