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Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 21 Nov 2017

Kelly @YAFantasyFan

I'm feeling some new #MSWL tweets coming on, so let's do this thing!

Replying to @YAFantasyFan

#MSWL Two dancers who find friendship within the competitions and high stakes, and how they survive it all together and come out stronger.

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 12 Sep 2017

Maybe a YA fantasy about the lowly shop sweeper or something? Give me a literal "nobody" and make her story remarkable w/o royalty. #MSWL

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 12 Sep 2017

Emm Cole @ByEmmCole

Yesssss. I want to read about women slaying at everything.…

Replying to @ByEmmCole

Me too! This includes actually being a daredevil, or doing things men usually call "manly things." Kick men's butts, I'm down. #MSWL

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 12 Sep 2017

I'd still really love a colonial historical in YA with a BA female, gun-toting character surviving in the wilds of America. #MSWL

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 12 Sep 2017

I've also had an uptake in Contemporary recently! When the pendulum swings one way, it must swing back. Where's my fantasy at? #MSWL

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 12 Sep 2017

I've recently discovered that I'm extremely into BA women doing BA things. Give me all the daredevil and thrill seeking women! #MSWL

Kelly πŸ“š @LitAgentKelly · 8 Sep 2017

Starting to see a pattern in my contemporaries: near death experiences and adrenaline junkies...I'll take it. #mswl