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Lit agent w/@K_C_Associates, book designer, writer, VONA alum ('12), Filipina/Pinay, and lover of all things books 📚🦄🧙🏽‍♂️🐲🧞‍♀️👾🤖💃🏽🕵️‍♀️👮🏽‍♀️✍🏾📚

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Lisa Abellera @LisaAbellera · 5 Jul 2019

Interesting article. Like to see this in historical fiction or contemporary fiction with strong female MC. #MSWL
The untold story of the Wild West's black cowboys… via @CNNStyle

Lisa Abellera @LisaAbellera · 12 Sep 2017

Just saw The Bletchley Circle-now want former women code-breakers solving complex crimes in post-WWII. Historical mystery, dark cozy #mswl

Lisa Abellera @LisaAbellera · 12 Sep 2017

Asian version of The Golem and The Jinni-esp. if character is from pre-colonial Filipino mythology/folklore. Historical fantasy #mswl

Lisa Abellera @LisaAbellera · 30 Jun 2016

Hist fiction re Filipino or Korean comfort women of WWII-dark but w/hope & redemption, sense of place/era/culture & captivating prose #MSWL

Lisa Abellera @LisaAbellera · 11 Feb 2016

Contemp or historical fiction set in Cuba, 50's to now, diverse characters, w/romance &/or suspense, mystery elements #CF #HF #WF #MSWL

Lisa Abellera @LisaAbellera · 11 Feb 2016

Contemp Gothic w/hidden family secrets, historical elements, multiple & varying POV in the vein of Maggie O’Farrell #A #CF or #WF #MSWL